Sony SHAKE, Rattle and Roll: New SHAKE-5 Brings the Boom!

by Ray Hartjen 08/19/2013, in Categories For Records

A party isn’t an epic party until it turns into a block party.

Today, Sony makes it easier to turn your party into the biggest party of the year with the introduction of the Sony SHAKE-5 shelf stereo “mini system,” available later this month at the Sony Store and other electronics retailers. Here’s the scoop:

Massive music

The SHAKE-5 will rattle all the neighbors’ windows with its 2,400 Watt, 3-way speaker system. Uh no, that’s not a typo – that’s 2,400 Watts of punishing power. With its large subwoofers, separate mids and tweeters, the SHAKE-5 fills your house with sound and turns it into the town’s hottest night spot.

Lights, action

No light system, no problem. The SHAKE-5 comes with multi-color LED speaker lighting that pulses in sync to the music. Use any one of the selectable LED lighting configurations to set the tone and intensity of your party playback. It’s your club now.


You, the DJ

The SHAKE-5 allows you to dial in your soon-to-be-signature sound by setting your own EQ curve or choosing from one of the 14 preset EQ settings. You can also increase your booming low-end bass response by engaging the BASS BAZUCA. Even cooler yet, you can be your own DJ by using the FLANGER, ISOLATOR, SOUND FLASH or PHASER sound effects to personalize your tracks.

Stream wirelessly … or not

Stream and control your Bluetooth audio streaming experience with your compatible smartphone, tablet, digital music player or computer. And if you’re lucky enough to have a mobile device with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, enjoy simplified Bluetooth connectivity with a simple touch.

For recorded music, dual front USB inputs connect and playback USB thumb drives or playback and charge other compatible devices. Plus, you can play your favorite CDs or even your personally recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs – even MP3 files that have been recorded to CD discs. And, if you’re “old school,” rock the AM/FM radio.

Really, the SHAKE-5 has it all and then some. It’s the biggest, baddest powerhouse on the block, and is ready to rock your socks off right out of the box. Audition the SHAKE-5 today. At $999 it’s all you need to make your place the hottest club in town.

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