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by Katie 08/01/2013

We’re getting ready to launch a brand new Sony audio product next week and in the meantime, we want to know what you’d ask a Sony sound engineer if you had the chance? We’ll be answering some of the top questions next week so fire away in the comments section below!

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek of the new gear:

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  1. Pablo wrote: August 4, 2013 11:25am

    If I had the oportunity to ask ANYTHING to Motoyuki Sugiura, I don’t really know what that would be, but I’d love to hear about his vision into the final design on any Sony audio product, that includes not only the physical design itself but most importantly the resulting experience that he wants to achieve in us, differenciating and establishing what a high-end experience needs to be for him.
    I have discovered a new world in audio terms with his HT, and I’m really excited to know what are the plans for the future.

    A proud Sony user.

  2. Bayo wrote: August 5, 2013 5:03pm

    My Sony Vaio laptop is deleting any file instead opening. it has problem as engineer and i was able to fix it. since then, the click either by mouse pad or external mouse is deleting any file. please, what can i do? i can’t use it because of this. i have window 7 on it.

    1. SonySupportUSA wrote: August 6, 2013 10:09am

      Hello Bayo, That’s very unfortunate to hear that your notebook isn’t working properly. May I ask what the full model # is that you currently own at this time? You can find this information located on the bottom of your computer. Thank you!

  3. Ben wrote: August 8, 2013 8:33am

    My question… Why is Sony no longer offering a center speaker of any real quality to compliment their lineup of floor standing loud speakers? Is there a replacement for the SS-CN5000 in the works?

  4. Sony Support USA wrote: August 8, 2013 11:52am

    Hello Ben, The SSCN5000 looks like it’s a 2007 model based on our database. We do have something similar that is being sold now on our Sony Store (SS-CR3000). You can check out the comparison chart for these two models at the following: Hope this helps! =) -Amanda M

  5. Ronald wrote: October 2, 2013 3:45pm

    As a hard-core music buff of many genres, something I’d really, really like Sony to continue developing are new first-class receivers for 2-channel stereo. Sony’s most recent high-performance model, the STR-DA1500ES, was a very appealing unit but it has been discontinued. HT equipment is a “different breed of cat” than gear tailored for 2-channel stereo music listening.

  6. ST wrote: October 6, 2013 9:16pm

    I have been great supporter of Sony products but disappointed with the audio direction it took since 2000. It came out with SACD but did not capture the mass market. Its flame speaker was novel but ended up in international AV shows only. Contrary to the general opinion, consumers want product in the following order:- practical, price and quality. So let me ask Sony engineers, why not come up with better sound with one or two speakers only? Imagine a true 3D sound from Sony TV better than the multichannel AV? It is possible but that also means less AV sale. Anyway, I would suggest Sony to seriously consider the implementation of Ambiophonics in you TV sound system. In my opinion ambiophonics beat any other audio experience out there.

  7. Eva jasmine wrote: October 13, 2013 9:56pm

    we are waiting for buying your new product and i think it will very helpful for audio engineers.

  8. roberto wrote: October 19, 2013 6:36am

    The Sony HAP Z1 ES appears to offer game changing convenience. With the Acoustic Sounds high res download site offering Universal, Sony and a third “library” of music, the elements of an elegant revolution in access/retrieval of superbly recorded music is hear.
    Sony set a benchmark with the 5400 ES SACD player about three years ago. Will the Sony HAP Z1 ES player offer a level of DAC refinement equal to or better? than that present with the Sony 5400 SACD player. In addition, the analog side of the HAP Z1 ES will rely on op amps that have a THD issue that would likely be improved upon, were tube amplification, rather than a transistor based, op amp stage being utilized. This is my opinion, of course.
    Might Sony consider using a tube based output stage in a future ES level, hi-res player to optimize an already outstanding quality of music reproduction ?

  9. Alex Toffolo wrote: December 20, 2013 9:48am


    I’ve recently fallen in love with my pre-recorded MiniDisc collection again (having dusted off my Sony Pascal separates system that’s been hiding in the loft for years).

    I worked round the corner from the shop in Soho, London. I used to pop in and hoover-up the bargains regularly; so I have almost 100 pre-recorded discs!

    My question:

    Whilst pre-recorded tracks recorded on MiniDisc aren’t necessarily a higher quality than the same track on CD; they seems to sound better!

    I’ve been lead to believe this is because pre-recorded tracks where meticulously mastered onto the MiniDisc format by a select few elite sound engineers at Sony.. resulting in consistently high quality, well mixed & well balanced tracks.

    Is there any truth behind this?

    Thanks in advance

  10. dave daman wrote: February 1, 2014 2:37pm

    I have an idea that I would like sony to be involved with in regards to the hearing impaired. I believe sony is the right company to help the hearing impaired to be able to enjoy things we do but can not. With todays electronc advancement changing so fast I believe it can be done to help the less fortunate. This would change the way movies are made and the way hearing impaired can enjoy. If u are interested please respond.


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