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Michael Crichton Publishes 9 Novels Under Pen Name

by Amy Currier 07/23/2013
Michael Crichton as Harvard Medical Studen

Michael Crichton as Harvard Medical Studen

Nine new eBooks by Michael Crichton, written pseudonymously during his years at Harvard Medical School, are now available for the first time.

The bestselling author of Jurassic Park, Congo and other fast-paced fiction had some tricks up that white-jacket sleeve of his. Fans will be happy to hear that their reading list just got bigger with the addition of new suspense and action titles to his already prolific title list.

From the Press Release (5/30/2013):

The books written under the pen names John Lange and Jeffery Hudson are high-octane novels of suspense and action, written with remarkable speed and gusto. And Dealing or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues, written with his brother Douglas Crichton under the pen name Michael Douglas, is an entertaining caper that the New York Times called “slick and cool and savvy.”

“These early Michael Crichton novels foreshadow the talent that made him one of the most successful novelists of his time. I was fortunate enough to work with him for more than thirty years. What a joy it is to bring the young Michael Crichton to life for his millions of fans and to introduce him to a generation that has not as yet discovered him,” says Jane Friedman, Co-founder and CEO of Open Road.

Crichton graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College and went on to earn his MD from Harvard Medical School in 1969. His first novel, Odds On, was followed by seven more John Lange novels over a period of six years.

Open Road will publish the following titles on July 23rd, 2013:

Writing as John Lange:

Writing as Jeffery Hudson:

Writing as Michael Douglas:

Dealing Binary Scratch One








Michael Crichton’s Med School Years 

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  1. Johnny Goodrich wrote: November 30, 2013 6:01pm

    good book nice ending, dealing or The Berkley to boston forty brick lost bag blues, really put together nice, read it in 2days!


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