Discover Tool: Like a Mood Ring for Your Reader

by Amy Currier 07/29/2013, in READER

Sometimes a book is the only one who understands me (and I feel as though I’m not alone . . .)

For just that reason, we’ve created the newest addition to our collection of Discover Tools: Emotion Match-Ups.

emotions 2 for rs blog





The Emotion Match-Ups Discover Tool prompts readers to choose from a list of thirty emotions and feelings to help them uncover a new read. From everyday feelings—alone, wild, etc.—to the more “out there”—undead, dreamy, fashionable—there’s a book to match every mood.

How It Works:

Scroll over each emotion face or icon to reveal a book suggestion with a hint at why each book is a fit for that mood. You might just find the read that matches you to a T!

emotions screen shot for rs blog

So get started! And don’t forget to check out our other Discover Tools to help you uncover your next favorite story

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