A Family Tree of Books: Let our literary lineage guide you to your next read.

by Amy Currier 06/05/2013, in READER

There are just so many books to love. So why shouldn’t they love each other, and create other books that combine the best unique features of each, and continue a beautiful bloodline of new books for readers everywhere to devour?

Exactly, there is no reason. And that is why we created our House of Fiction Family Trees here at Reader Store.

If we had it our way, this is what our family would look like: Fiction marries Mystery, which has a Romantic Suspense affair with a piece of Science Fiction and . . . you get the idea.

Trace the lineage to find out which new voices we’ve noticed have similarities to some of greatest reads of our time. Each of the families below combines our favorite attributes of bestselling books—voice, characters, setting, style, etc.—and guides readers to a new book they may not have otherwise found.

Haven’t read the books we reference? Choose a lineage that piques your interest and start now (after all, who wouldn’t want to read the literary love child of Barbara Kingsolver and F. Scott Fitzgerald?). It’s never too late to become a part of our family 🙂

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