Sony’s Pins are Getting A Makeover

by Callan 05/17/2013, in Categories For Records

How many times has this happened to you; you’re scanning your friends’ pins on Pinterest and you see something you want to buy but the link doesn’t go to where you can purchase. Well, that’s about to change. Today we’re stoked about being among the first to introduce better pins on Pinterest. Here’s what changed:

new pinterest pins sonyToday, Pinterest and a few select partners, launched what will now be referred to as “product pins.” These pins are aimed at making it easy for you, the pinner, to see that the pin is something that actually exists and is available for purchase. It also gives you key information that may help you decide if you want to click through (i.e. price, availability, and full product name). Good stuff, right? We thought so too.

So to celebrate these new pins, we thought we’d curate for you the list of the top 5 most pinned Sony products of all time. Check out the below and tell us if you are surprised to see what made the list. And since we believe Pinterest isn’t just about the products, we’ve also included our top 5 non-product pins of all time for your pinning pleasure.



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