Sony Stores Launch New Experience on Facebook

by Reena 05/30/2013, in Sony Store

Fans of the Sony® Store can now find all the latest news, information and happenings without leaving Facebook. Check out our brand new tab! Here are some of the highlights:

Tab Screenshot 1.5

The first thing you’ll see is the very latest Sony Store news. As you’ve probably heard, there have been several store openings or remodels this spring. This is where we will keep you posted about all things Sony Store. The tab also has some helpful links like Premium Services and the Sony blog, as well as the latest in promotions.

Tab Screenshot 3

This tab not only displays photos and info but also helps you find a store in your area by using the Find a Store dropdown.

Tab Screenshot 2

Once you’ve selected a store, you’ll be taken to that store’s own section of the tab. Here you’ll find store hours, their address, directions and all the latest in store promotions and events.

Tab Screenshot 6


Tab Screenshot 7

Already know what’s going down at your local store? Find out what others are saying with our built in Twitter feed (and make sure to follow @SonyStore too!).

Tab Screenshot 5

Still not sure what all the fuss is about? Then view our gallery, chock full of photos from events, openings, in store appearances and signings and more!

Tab Screenshot 4


So check it out on our Sony Facebook page and let us know what you think!

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