CONTEST: “Caption This” Photo for a chance to win a Sony α NEX-3N camera

by Callan 05/16/2013, in Categories For Records

It’s possible you’ve seen some of the odd and/or beautiful behind-the-scenes photos from our 4K TV commercial shoot. And if you have in fact come across a few, you’ve likely wondered what the heck is going on in most of them.

Well, we’ll share the full details of the commercial with you when it comes out, but for now, we thought we’d have some fun letting you tell us what you think is happening through  a good old-fashioned, “Caption This” contest. So prepare your wittiest remarks now and you may be one of two crafty peeps to win their very own Sony NEX-3N camera.

Haven’t read up on the 3N yet and want to know more about what you’re spending valuable minutes captioning for? Here’s the scoop.

The NEX-3N is our newest in the NEX line of mirrorless cameras, and it is our smallest and lightest one yet. Although tiny, the camera still has the same size sensor as a DSLR, meaning your photos are the same quality as something shot by the pros. Good stuff, right? With this camera, you’ll be able to see details in photos you’d never catch with a phone and we thought it made a nice metaphor for how a 4K TV changes the way you see television. Plus, it’s just a sweet prize.

You probably know how these “Caption This” contests work by now, but should you need a refresher, here’s how to play.

1. Take a look at the below picture. Normal, right? It was taken on Miranda Beach in New Zealand, on the set of our Sony 4K commercial shoot.
2. Formulate a witty and/or insightful remark about said photo.
3. Include your caption below in the comments (along with your email address so we can contact you)   


3. Tweet your caption to @SonyElectronics using the hashtag #Sony4K. (hint: Make sure to follow us so that we can DM you if you win).
4. Wait to find out if you are one of the winners. Contest starts now and ends May 21st at 11:59 A.M PST. We’ll holler at the winners before the end of the month.

And there you have it. If you are someone who likes to read the official rules, you can find all the info on the Sony 4K Commercial Caption This Contest here. Good luck and happy captioning.



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