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by Sony Store 04/15/2013, in Sony Store

The Sony Store is more than just a store in a city. It’s a store that’s part of a city. Your city. To really immerse ourselves in the local scene, we’re teaming up with Flavorpill, the authority in local culture to explore what’s new and create what’s next. From music and photography to fashion and film, join Sony@ in celebrating the very best of your city. Here is what’s coming up:

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We have invited local artisans to capture unique footage using the Sony Action Cam. Experience true talent through the POV of these skilled hands. Their videos are now on display at their local Sony Store thru 4/28

Participating Sony Stores:


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We’re in search of the sounds that define your city. We invite local music artists to showcase their music at listening stations in store. We put two artists head to head in a battle of the bands. And then we invite fans and music lovers to vote for their favorite. Come ready to rock at your local Sony Store between 4/9 and 4/22.

Participating Sony Stores:




the unedited

We challenge local insiders who love to explore local culture to capture the quintessential representation of their city. But the catch is, they have to showcase a raw photo journal. No deleting, no editing, no hiding flaws. Catch the results of their explorations at your Sony Store between 3/28 and 4/10.

Participating Sony Stores:

Check out the photos by clicking the image:

The Unedited photo album


We have invited local DJs to create a mix that combines their personal brand of music and sounds of other local artists to share their unique point-of-view  with their online followers and local community using the Sony X Headphones. These tracks are now playing in their local Sony Store through 4/2.

Participating Sony Stores:

And until 3/24…


We invite adventure-seekers and cultural daredevils that are always on the go to take us on a five minute thrill ride that can only be experienced locally. The messenger biker in NYC, the surfer in OC.  Look for your insider’s exhibit at your local store between 3/10-3/24.

Participating Sony Stores:


We will be rolling out more insider perspectives on your favorite cities over the next few months so stay tuned. Make sure to follow @SonyStore and #SonyStore on Twitter for all the latest happenings


We invited local insiders that have special backstage access in their city to give us a visual diary and peek behind the scenes of trendy local spots or activities. Check out some of the highlights of their photo exhibits here: The Hidden

The Hidden Photos



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