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Introducing the Discover Map at Reader Store

by Amy Currier 04/15/2013

Spring is in the air, and we’re feeling like playing a game of matchmaker.

Introducing the Discover Map—the book-lover’s matchmaker at Reader Store.

How it works:

Follow the map by answering questions that guide readers to a favorite book pick.

We double-dog dare you . . .

To go outside of the norm! Already read what we lead you to? Dare to go outside of your comfort zone and go down a road less traveled.

The map is all about discovery, so try following the opposite of how you’d usually answer to lead you to a wild-card pick. Nonfiction readers: pick up a fantasy novel. Suspense fiction lovers: slow it down with an epic love story.

Each week in April we will add a new map with a genre focus, so keep on coming back for more!

Click HERE to get started taking the test.

Fiction Discover Map at Reader Store

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