Introducing iDreamBooks Reviews at Reader Store

by Reader Store 04/19/2013, in READER

We are happy to present readers this week with iDreamBooks reviews—a new attrbute on our eBook product pages that offers an abundance of ratings and critic reviews to help readers get the right book in-hand.

iDreamBooks is a startup company in the digital publishing space that collects critic’s reviews and provides recommendations based on what people have to say.  In a space where technology often trumps the personal, our partnership has found a way to combine both in order to offer readers the best reviews and recommendations for the people, from the people. The reviews—which will continue to be grow in quantity—come from both mainstream and niche publications and are displayed on Reader Store product pages. This way, we are able to offer readers a broad representation of opinions on books across the board as opposed to looking at solely the popular reviews.

And there’s more: We’d like to introduce you to a fun new cloud icon from iDreamBooks that you’ll see on product pages. He interprets sentiment from each review and wears that expression in the form of a happy or sad face. Books with a rating higher than 70% are positive in the “read-o-meter.”

HOWEVER, don’t be afraid to challenge him on his decision, as clouds can be opinionated little things. Sometimes, when you find an eBook that looks interesting, you just have to read it and form an opinion for yourself 🙂

So enjoy, and give us your feedback in the comments below. We hope this will have you dreaming about books (day and night…just like we do.)

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