Baylor University Returns to NAB with Sony for their 23rd year along with Alums Penn State, UNLV and Newcomer Marymount College

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written by Shari Sentlowitz | Market Development Manager, Education Solutions

Baylor University

The NAB Student Experience program began 23 years ago as collaboration between Sony and Baylor University. Sony approached Baylor’s Corey P. Carbonara, a former Sony HD product manager, to invite a select group of his students to intern at HDTV Expo’89 at the Tropicana Pavilion. “It has been a great honor for us at Baylor University to be working with Sony all of these years”, says Corey P. Carbonara, Director, Digital Communication Technologies Project, Baylor University.

Carbonara explains that the program allows Baylor students to gain valuable insights on how a major corporation innovates technology for the marketplace and solves industry problems with elegant solutions that have changed the mode of production for motion pictures and broadcasting over the years. He says that, “Having students familiar with the latest gear allowed Baylor’s program to innovate as well, providing a knowledge base and a network for their students that translated into leadership jobs in the industry from Vice Presidents at major broadcast networks to executive producers and directors of major motion pictures and prime time network TV series.”

Carbonara says a highlight of the experience is that, “With so many people in attendance and the flurry of people surrounding each part of the exhibit space, the students sometimes, did not realize that they were educating the top executives in these industries until after they were through and received a card from a President of a major network, or top artist in the field, who often said, “…here’s my card, call me after you graduate.” Carbonara indicated that many students did just that, they used their networking connection from the show to follow up and began to work for a number of the companies that came to the booth including Andru Anderson.

In 1991 and 1992 then Baylor Student Andru Anderson was selected to participate in the Sony Student Experience Program. He went to Las Vegas with a small group of students and assisted in showing equipment to convention attendees. In his first year, he was asked to showcase the Betacam SX product and show an early version of a non-linear editor. During his second year, Andru was asked to float around the floor and assist where there was an abundance of attendees. “The experience was great and I ended up meeting someone from my first job through my coordinator, Corey Carbonara.”, says Anderson

After graduation, Andru worked for corporations creating video, film and multimedia products. After 10+ years in the industry, he returned to Baylor University to teach. One of his roles was to lead the group of students to NAB. In ’09, ’10, ’11 and ’12, Andru returned to NAB with Sony as a coordinator for the program. “It was a blessing to work with the students and I think with my unique experience early on in the program, it gave me great insight into what the students might be feeling.”, Anderson said.

This year, Andru will not be joining the group due to other responsibilities. He says that “The Sony Experience is great for the students involved. “

Meet the Baylor Students:

Breanna Villani | Baylor

Breanna Villani is a senior at Baylor University majoring in Film and Digital Media. She is trying to become a cinematographer or a steadicam operator. She is steadicam certified and has worked as a camera operator on a number of short films and projects. She has also worked as a videographer/editor for New Artist Promo videos for Uproar Records, All University SING highlight videos and interviews, and for the 2013 BP MS 150 bike ride.

Joey Vasser | Baylor

Joey Vasser is a senior Film and Digital Media student at Baylor University. He has worked with cameras my whole life. He works for Baylor football, filming for coaches video and was a 1st AD on movie productions at Baylor and many student productions.

Marymount College

Marymount College is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA . The school’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) major in Media Studies offers a sophisticated four-year educational experience to prepare the next generation of fine artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, video artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, video artists, animators, and interactive artists for rewarding careers in a myriad of visual arts industries. The major is designed to allow students to choose from one of several programs of study that share many common courses to create both a Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary educational experience. The major provides students with a traditional theoretical education in arts & Media studies while also providing hands on training in state-of- the-art digital studios.

This is Marymount’s first year coming to NAB. “ We are very excited to participate in Sony NAB Student Experience. Marymount College Media Studies offers a theoretical and practical experience visual arts. Participation in Sony NAB Student Experience provides students with real world practical experience.”, says Blue Wade, Chair of Arts & Media Division.

Meet The Marymount College Students:

Morgan Sutton | Marymount

Morgan Sutton, is a 22 year old junior in Media Studies-Film at Marymount College After graduation she aspires to become a director or stage manager for a TV station.

Andres Enriquez, is an international student from Mexico currently living in Los Angeles California. He is a junior at Marymount College in Media Studies-Media Studies General. Andres’ film work mainly focuses on 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, graphic design and interactivity. After graduating he would like work as a freelancer in animation and design.

Penn State

Penn State University is committed to providing the highest quality in-game experience for its student athletes, teams, and fans. In order to meet those needs, Penn State recently made some major upgrades working with Sony Electronics as a prime contractor and systems integrator Alpha Video. Sony and Alpha Video worked closely with Jim Nachtman, the school’s Director of Broadcasting Operations, and his team to integrate three high-definition control rooms for Penn State University. You can read the entire story and review the equipment selected in the upgrade here.

This year marks the 2nd year that Penn State students are participating in the program.

Meet the Students from Penn State:

Jessica Shlemon | Penn State

Jessica Shlemon is a junior Telecommunications major and Business minor at Penn State University. She has worked for the Video Department of Intercollegiate Athletics as a technical director for 2 years and her dream job is to one day work as a technical director for a major league sports team’s in-house video board production.

Jeremy William Griffin | Penn State

Jeremy William Griffin is a 29 years Navy Veteran studying telecommunications at Penn State primarily focused on Live Sports production.

Samuel Tavares | Penn State

Samuel Tavares is a Junior at Penn State majoring in Film/Video with a minor in English. He was born and raised in Boston, and going to NAB will be the first time he will be on a plane. Samuel is an avid Boston sports fan, and aspires to be a sideline operator for the New England Patriots and/or court side operator for the Boston Celtics.

Heather Waldman | Penn State

Heather Waldman is a senior at Penn State University double majoring in Meteorology and Telecommunications. Upon graduation in December, she hopes to pursue her passion for television as a broadcast meteorologist. While at Penn State, Heather has served as a production assistant for the athletic department as well as director of the campus news program. She is also part of the on-air talent at Penn State’s ‘Weather World’ and ‘Centre County Report’ as a meteorologist. Heather is an avid runner and reader and loves Phillies baseball.

University Nevada, Las Vegas

Sony is pleased to welcome back UNLV. Home to both KUNV-FM and UNLV-TV, this media center is the highlight of the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The School is committed to the proposition that enhancing society requires an innovative, interdisciplinary, and rigorous understanding of communication media. Completed in 2009, this state-of-the-art facility is completely integrated around Avid-powered editing, production, and storage. You will also find Sony ENG, and studio cameras, production switchers and monitors throughout.

Meet the UNLV Students:

Katie McClain | UNLV

Katie McClain, is a senior pursuing degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She is currently one of the top editors in the program at UNLV and would hopefully one day be able to transfer her skills to a morning news show such as the Today show or Good Morning America.

Kelby Weiler | UNLV

Kelby Weiler is from Washington and is majoring in broadcast journalism at UNLV.

Jami Seymore | UNLV

Jami Seymore is a senior broadcast journalism student at UNLV. Besides school and work, she is very involved with her sorority Sigma Kappa, as well as her honor societies. She hopes to someday work for CNN.

Cassidy Blue Forrester is a UNLV student studying broadcast journalism; she received her Associate of the Arts degree from the College of Southern Nevada. Cassidy currently works at UNLVTV on a variety of studio and sports productions.

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