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When I First Heard Sony’s MDR-7520 Headphones, I Was Very Impressed

by Jason 02/04/2013

The MDR-7520 Studio Headphones are premium headphones designed for critical listening applications. Phil Moon, Lynx Studio Technology, recently was given the chance to try them out and here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I have owned a pair of Sony V600 headphones for a long time – since they came out. They have always been my favorites, but I have worn them out.

When I first heard the MDR-7520 phones, I was very impressed. Here at Lynx we have a new product, Hilo, which is an AD/DA converter with a very nice headphone built in. We want to show off the headphone section and the 7520 headphones are excellent for that. Jeanne Lewis, the Marketing Manager for Professional Audio, at Sony was kind enough to loan us a pair for our NAMM display. We were immediately blown away by the quality – they certainly showed off Hilo’s pristine audio quality. The low end is tight and the high end sparkles while remaining natural. The snug earcups provided excellent isolation that allowed our guests in the booth to hear and appreciate Hilo’s quality.

After the show I told Sony they could not have them back. Time to retire my old V600.”

Have you had a chance to try our MDR-7500 Series Professional Audio Headphones? We’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

Neutrik model checking out the 7520’s in the Lynx Hilo converter/headphone amp at NAMM

Neutrik model checking out the 7520’s in the Lynx Hilo converter/headphone amp at NAMM

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