Buy a Sony Action Cam & headband mount … with a Twitter hashtag!

by Kathleen 02/20/2013

If you thought Twitter was just for real-time news, staying up-to-date with your favorite celebrities, and keeping in touch with friends, think again.

Shopping is now added to the list, thanks to American Express’ new program where shoppers can sync their AMEX cards to their Twitter handle and make purchases simply by tweeting a certain hashtag.


Our Sony Action Cam and headband mount are one of the products being offered up, and the best part is it’s going for an awesomely discounted price – just $179.99+tax.

So if a wearable POV camera has been on your wish list, get on this deal! It won’t last for long. You can peep the details and get started here:

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  1. Tim Johnson wrote: April 5, 2013 3:49pm

    I am torn between this and the GoPro. I am looking for a small action cam to mount on various items, such as an airplane, mountain bike, longboard, car, and helmet. I am also looking for something to let my dog wear when hiking in the desert. I think it would be cool to see it from his perspective. I know Sony has great quality, but GoPro seems to be used by many video production companies. I’ve got a tough decision to me.

    1. Kathleen wrote: April 8, 2013 9:52am

      Hi again Tim – well good news is that we’ve got a pet mount coming your way shortly! More details to come … And if you ever have questions about the Sony Action Cam, we’ve got a great support team who can help you out.


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