Reader Store Celebrates Black History Month with Iconic Authors & Stories

by Amy Currier 02/12/2013, in READER

“I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.” –Malcolm X

From iconic classics to influential young voices, the written word holds poignancy in the way we perceive and recollect historical events. February is Black History Month, and it must be noted just how many amazing authors there are that should be celebrated not only this month, but every month.

The below collection paints a picture from historical to contemporary, unfolding the strengths and weaknesses our culture has both shed and adopted over the years. Made famous for their unique expressions, strong characters and influential context, each book offers insight into a different reason why we celebrate Black History Month.

Through these stories we’re reminded that reading a great author is one of the few genuine things we do as a community that is all encapsulating, emotional, entertaining and educational with every page. And that, my friends, cannot be topped. So, whether you pick up a new read or revisit an old favorite whose pages you haven’t turned to since grammar school, we challenge you to discover not only a story but a lesson, and share it with everyone you know.


Celebrate Black History Month with iconic authors and stories! Click here to see all at Reader Store:

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