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And Then There Was One: Winning the Uncharted 3 Competition

by Team Sony 05/07/2012

For the past few months, we’ve been having quite the Uncharted experience. From online competitions, to behind-the-scenes videos, the underlying theme has been clear: you’ve got to be tough, savvy, stylish and smart to make it in Drake’s world.

You’ve got to be like Jeremy.

Gallant, a 20-year old who grew up as an orphan in New York, has a penchant for drama and adventure. Finding escape from an early age through video games, Parkour and acting, this gaming fanatic dreamt of becoming a character who could do all the things Jeremy wanted to, like scale walls and flip off buildings. A dream he recently saw become a reality.

Taking a chance in the “Uncharted 3 Meets Training Camp” competition a few months ago, Jeremy submitted a “Flipping Out” video that immediately caught the eye of many, and gave us but a glimpse of the impressive moves he’s been practicing for almost a decade.

These moves earned him a spot in the finalist audition event in L.A. Once he arrived, he had a chance to further strut his skills; tumbling and rolling, doing flips and creating a compelling and complex character back-story. He imagined a new multiplayer character who, regardless of struggles and challenges in life, was able to overcome them mentally and physically: “always moving forward, and never looking back.” (And who sported a pretty impressive Mohawk to top it all off.)

But becoming a character in Uncharted is more than just stunts and acting skills: the idea of “sic parvis magna” – or “greatness from small beginnings” – is central to the Uncharted franchise, and is a theme that truly reflects Jeremy’s life story, and spirit (and he even speaks Latin, too!). This spirit, coupled with some pretty impressive tricks, is what earned him the ultimate prize: a trip to Naughty Dog Studios to create his own multiplayer character for Uncharted 3.

The character would be imagined by Jeremy and executed by the experts at Naughty Dog right down to the costume, props, weapons, stunts and taunts. In short, it would embody everything Jeremy is, and strives to be.

Jeremy in his Mo Cap gear at Naughty Dog Studios


And as he entered Naughty Dog Studios, sketches in one hand, and self-made costume in the other, Jeremy was ready for his motion-capture debut.









Jeremy’s advice to others looking to make their dreams a reality? “Whenever you have a dream to do something special, you tell yourself you’re going to do it. Remove all doubt and just make it a reality. Everyone has the power to do it, it’s all in your head!”

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes footage from Jeremy’s time creating his own character. In the meantime, leave your props to Jeremy for his amazing endurance, and achievements, in the comments below.

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