The Sony Stories Website is Back – And it Brought a Daily Giveaway With It.

by Callan 05/07/2012, in Categories For Records, VAIO

You may remember back in October when we asked you to tell your story about Sony for a chance to be in a Sony commercial. While that contest has been over for a while now, the website where you shared your Sony love lived on and is now home to more than 800 photos, videos and stories.

Over the past few months our team has read through these stories and couldn’t help but be inspired by everything you all shared. One thing became evident – we knew that we wanted to do more with the site.

So we did.

In addition to launching a new contest now, (see below) we’ve also been using the site to identify our most passionate fans and reward them for their loyalty. We started by identifying the top 100 story tellers and sending them a limited edition t-shirt designed specifically with them in mind. From those we chose three lucky story tellers and flew them out to LA to interview them for product videos we were creating.

And that’s just the start. You’ll be learning a lot more about our future plans for the site over the next year and you can expect to see a whole myriad of ways that we honor people for the stories they share.

But for now, let’s focus on the sweepstakes at hand, shall we?

Here’s what you need to know: From today, May 7th until Wednesday, June 4th we’ll be hosting daily and weekly giveaways of some of our top gadgets. And with 45 winners altogether there will be a whole heck of a lot of prizes to give out. More specifically, here’s what you stand to win:

  • Four of our top of the line 55” Class (54.6” diag.) XBR 929 Televisions
  • Four NEX- 5N Cameras (think a point and shoot body with DSLR quality photos)
  • Four of our popular Sony Tablet™ S 
  • Four of the sleek and portable VAIO® S laptops
  • And 29 pairs of our brand new XBA-1 ear buds. The sound quality of these little guys will blow you away.

Sounds pretty cool right? So how do you enter?

It’s fairly simple. Just head to our Sony Stories website ( and share your story about your favorite Sony product or a memory you have with the brand. Our winners will be randomly selected daily and weekly, but don’t think we won’t be paying attention to who is telling the best stories… We’ll be taking careful note of the people who tell particularly interesting stories for our future rewards programs – so take your time!

Finally, for those of you who visited the Sony stories website the last time around, you may think things look a bit different. You would be correct. We recently re-did the site so that we could open it up to more people and it now incorporates our employees, our friends on the sales floor, and our college ambassadors. We wanted to bring everyone together (since we all share a common love for Sony) and make a singular hub of Sony stories. We hope you like what we did.

Alright alright, enough about us… we want to hear about you. Here’s the link to enter for a chance to win: Now hustle on over there and start telling your story so we can start giving away prizes. Ready? Go.


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