Reader Store’s Top Book Picks for Mother’s Day

by Maya 05/11/2012, in Categories For Records, VAIO

So your mom is an avid reader? You are in luck – Reader™ Store has come to the rescue with a carefully curated list of their top Mother’s Day reads. Because really, is there any better gift than helping mom relax and escape a little? These books will help her do just that:

  • The debut novel from Jim Grimsley, Winter Birds is a shattering story of heartbreak, violence and the endurance of the spirit. Maybe this could be your mom’s next book in her Book Club?
  • You may think it’s been done: three twenty-something women embark on a journey running from an enigmatic crisis, facilitated by… a large cat? This is new. The Lion Is In by Delia Ephron is a quirky and enlightening story of transformation. Ephron’s writing is both allusive and poised, as are her characters . . . and cat.
  • Using past, present, and future, Anna Quindlen’s memoir, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, uses her own life events to illuminate our own at every stage: from marriage, girlfriends, mothers, faith, and loss, to all the stuff in our overflowing closets. A great read from a great author.
  • Unputdownable. The Expats, by Chris Pavone, combines a fierce protagonist with a suspense-filled, mind-tangling plot. It will have you wondering: Can we ever really escape our secrets?
  • Ryan O’Neil’s long-awaited emotional memoir, Both Of us: My Life with Farrah details his life and love with America’s sweetheart, Farrah Fawcett. His voice manages to be gentle yet strong, and will pull at your heartstrings like a heart-racing love story.
  • I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron is the most entertaining and honest collection about the woes of an aging woman. Nora delivers stories in a hysterical signature style all of its own.

Check out more titles that are perfect for mom on The Reader Store.

If you are procrastinating on getting your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time and we have a suggestion. Visit the Sony Store and pick up a Reader™ Wi-Fi, Sony Tablet™ S or P, VAIO® PC or Xperia™ phone and give her this list so she can download these books from Reader Store immediately and start reading. You can thank us later for your newly minted ‘favorite child’ status!


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