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Our Google TV & Sony Meetup: A Night of Fun, Excitement, And Hangouts On Air

by Gina 05/14/2012

Last week, we were thrilled to celebrate the re-opening of our Palo Alto Sony Store and to kick off the opening, we were able to host our first guest, the Google TV™ team who invited fans to hang out for a night of networking and chat about Google TV and all the latest features and updates. Guests also were lucky enough to snag a special look at Sony’s next gen Google TV powered prototypes. We asked them to share their experiences below…

Guest to the Sony Blog, Peter Sherman, Google TV Product Marketing Manager, shares his insights on Google TV’s first meetup with Sony.

On a beautiful warm evening in Palo Alto, California, the Google TV team hosted their first ever meetup and Hangout On Air at the Sony Store in the Stanford Shopping Center. Nearly 200 of you came out to join us and geeked out on new and upcoming products.  It was a night of great conversation, food named after Android platforms (Ice Cream Sandwiches & Gingerbread cookies), schwag giveaways, and some awesome prizes.

Our Hangout On Air panel consisted of folks from Google TV, Sony, and Revision3:

  • Rob DeMillo, Revision3 CTO
  • Brian Brushwood, host of Scam School
  • Ron Richards, our moderator for the evening and host of App Judgment
  • Eric Liu, Google TV product manager
  • Shawn Shen, Google TV developer relations advocate
  • Rex Brown Jr., Google TV product specialist
  • Kevin Lau, Google TV community manager
  • Jason Clement, Sony Director, Home Division Engineering Team

One of the best parts of the night was having a mixture of audience participation both in person at the store and virtually through Google+. We had a chance to address questions ranging from product ideas, developer news, and more.  It was a great event filled with excited and eager fans looking forward to the Google TV & Sony products coming out in 2012.

To watch the full replay of Tuesday evening’s meetup, visit our YouTube™ page here, and for all the latest info on Google TV, please visit our Google+ page.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: June 28, 2012 11:39pm

    What the world needs…after the loss of a genius…is continue the cycle, the way a network should be….I choose Sony sound and Google+..a chance to create ideas ..share photos..Watch TV and last but not least.. service!


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