New KDL-HX850 smart TV Hit Shelves Today: Video To Prove It

by Ray Hartjen 04/15/2012

Today, the Sony BRAVIA® KDL-HX850 smart TV begins arriving on shelves in stores across the U.S. Available in 46-inches (diagonal) and 55–inches (54.6-inches diagonal), for around $2100 and $2600 respectively, the top of the range Sony HDTV for 2012 delivers the greatest picture quality in the line-up and an impressive feature set. Incorporating a bezel-free monolithic design with Gorilla® Glass and dynamic LED backlighting with full array local dimming, the TV delivers brilliant Full HD 1080p resolution and a vivid, clear, life-like picture, creating a premium viewing experience when on, and a stunning addition to home décor even when off.









For people looking to turn their living room into the best place to watch movies and sports, this TV is the way to go. Check out the video with Ray Stanley, Sony Electronics’ head of product planning for the TV, with more about this stunning model.


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  1. Anonymous wrote: April 15, 2012 9:37pm

    Did the web browser get an overhaul so it’s usable now? 2011 Sonys had a web browser but it never worked. Expecting great picture as always from Sony. I also assume any rumors of a “dual-core” cpu making it’s way into this television have been completely squashed by now? Surely sony would flaunt that feature point if it did in fact have a cpu inside the set. Ohwell, maybe next year.

  2. Anonymous wrote: April 17, 2012 4:42pm

    Will Sony release a 2012 XBR model? A line from this post says that this is the “top of the range for 2012″.

    1. Kathleen wrote: April 19, 2012 1:30pm

      Hi there! No replacement for the HX929 has been announced thus far. As our XBR model, it continues to be our flagship with the HX850 being our top of the 2012 line.

  3. Anonymous wrote: April 18, 2012 11:39am

    Odd. Sony puts out a new TV when they won’t bein my opinion making TVs after this year. Samsung.kills Sony now a days. I’ve got a 46′ Samsung that oN.sat.beside its Sony counter .part. Samsung looks.better. In my opinion & my wallets.

  4. Anonymous wrote: April 18, 2012 8:07pm

    Unfortunately I am not going to post a “Rah Rah” cheer for Sony Bravia. My husband and I purchased a Sony Bravia in March 2008 for 2000.00 only to have a blue line appear in March 2011 that ran down my TV screen roughly 4 inches from the edge. Today we turned on the TV to find a green screen on the TV. A call into customer service led to a “This TV needs to be seen by a technician. I can only hook up up with someone who can look at your TV. That is it!” response. Lesson learned after today…If Sony makes a product that lasts only 3 years without issue-this customer will never EVER purchase a Sony product again!

  5. Anonymous wrote: April 26, 2012 3:47pm

    You mentionned in your article: “dynamic LED backlighting with full array local dimming”.
    You mean edgelit with Local Dimming.
    This TV is not full array LED like the HX929, right ?

  6. Anonymous wrote: June 12, 2012 2:18pm

    Taking the illuminated Sony logo was wrong.

    If this is a HX model should be as well TOP of the line, I hated the cuts. Even the remote went tiny.. Should be big as the HX920s… If you guys can’t have more than a HX model, then just have one…

    Taking the Intelligent Presence Sensor and
    Presence Sensor with Face Detection was also a long line of mistakes in this new HX850. Should have just cut it off and kept the HX920 as the top of the line for this year.

    if there are any cuts on the next XBR HX next year, I am done with Sony.


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