Hey Sony Internet TV Fans: Get Personal with Google’s Refreshed TV & Movies App

by Gina 04/18/2012

Today, @Google announced new updates to their TV & Movies app supported on our Sony Internet TV products, that includes personalized choices across all your content options in an new easy layout. Google also announced features that keep you in the loop on the happenings of your favorite channels, even with reminders on stuff you’ve been meaning to watch. A special shout out to our pal, Google TV blog author and Google TV Product Manager, Greg Funk, for giving us the inside scoop. Below are a couple of key highlights.

More info makes it easier to decide
Google expanded the info below every TV show, movie, sports game, and any other program so you can more easily decide what to watch. They also added a nifty menu if you want to dig into the details, rate a title 1-5 stars, tell the app you’re not interested or add it to your favorites. Now you no longer need to wonder if you’re watching the latest episode of SGNL by Sony and you can rate our show. We’re curious to know what you think.

Find your favorites faster
Google also added a couple of cool apps directly onto their Favorite Channel so you’ll instantly see what show is currently playing on each. Not to worry. You can also add all your favorite channels to the “Favorites” and you’ll have a one-stop personalized guide of just the channels you care about. You can also add favorite TV shows and movies to your queue so you can come back later and watch them on sites like HBO GO, SGNL by Sony, Netflix and more.











Tuned to your taste

When you open the new version of TV & Movies for the first time, you’ll be asked to login and rate a series of movies and TV shows. They are going to use this kind of feedback to give you recommendations tailored to your taste. And lastly, if you’ve finished watching all your shows and want something new, be sure to check out the new Trending This Week shelf in Shows. These shows are trending on the web based on what’s being seen on Google search, and it’s updated every day so you never miss out.











So that’s the update. It’s a pretty impressive view of how Google is continuing to make the Google TV experience better and better on the platform and the benefit of owning a Sony Internet TV product is that we get to take advantage of these updates as they are released. Check out more info on our Sony Internet TV products featuring Google TV™.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: April 18, 2012 6:34pm

    Ok, good. But where’s the HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video App and Vudu app?

  2. Anonymous wrote: April 18, 2012 9:39pm

    Keep up the support for GTV! I think you have a great product. I have the 40″ set and love it. Looking forward to see what is next.

  3. Anonymous wrote: April 19, 2012 10:54am

    Is there a reason that YouTube doesn’t show up as a source for movie rentals in the TV & Movies App? Two Google products not playing well with one another seems inexcusable. Some one needs to fix this.

  4. Robert wrote: February 6, 2013 10:28am

    When will HBO GO be supported on My Bravia Internet TVs?


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