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by Sarah 03/17/2012

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We hope you’re enjoying your day of green festivities. Sony’s celebrating the green occasion by announcing the launch of our newly redesigned Sony Green website. Sony’s green vision is a Road to Zero which means we’re now focusing on some serious long term goals to reduce our environmental footprint to zero! During the journey to this goal we have defined some targets we call Green Management 2015 to help us achieve our long term commitment and build a sustainable future and we want to help YOU do the same.

We’re re-launching the Sony Green website with a new design, with great tips on how we can all reduce our environmental footprints by using products in more energy efficient ways and also by utilizing our Take Back Recycling Program.

On July 20, 2011, Sony Electronics teamed up with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote certified recycling and support best practices in electronics stewardship. We have also made the efforts to make the recycling experience as easy as possible with the launch of the website where you can get great information on where and how to trade in products or recycle them responsibly  ( We are also an EPA Smart Way partner shipper so that our products are shipped in a more energy efficient manner, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.  These are part of our initiatives to reach our “Road to Zero” goal of zero waste and zero environmental impact and we think we’re on the right track so far.


Did you know that Sony already integrates eco-driven features in our products? We use eco-conscious components, provide energy-saving features and we have reduced the packaging material on new products. Here’s a list of just a few of our current products you might be familiar with that already follow these guidelines:

  • VAIO® S Series and Z Series laptops
  • HX850 and HX750 BRAVIA® televisions
  • BDP-S185, BDP-S186 and BDP-S190 Blu-ray Disc™ Players
  • HDR-PJ40V Handycam® camcorder

Sony is also working on some great future eco innovations as well. You can find those along with what eco-conscious features and components are on our current products by visiting:

Sony’s commitment is not only something we have up on a website. We’re on the road to Portland, OR. Wheel of Fortune, Sony, IMS Electronics Recycling and KATU Channel 2 are providing residents in the Portland area with an opportunity to recycle their old electronics safely and responsibly at the Go Green with Wheel in Portland on Wednesday March 28, 2012. You’ll be able to either trade in or recycle your old electronics for your chance to experience the Wheel – VIP style! Tune in to KATU Channel 2 or visit for more information.



So if you aren’t in Portland, we still want you to get involved! Visit the redesigned Sony Green website at so you can find energy-saving tips, learn how to understand the energy guide labels and how to manage your power effectively. You can also visit to learn more about the Take Back Recycling Program. Here you can look for GreenFill e-Recycle Drop Boxes at retail locations, locate nationwide e-recycling drop-off centers, learn more about our Green Glove™ in-home TV removal service, our Battery Recycling program and how to trade up your products with our Trade-In Program.

Join the cause! Go Green and not just for Saint Patrick’s Day but because you too want to see a Road to Zero for our future.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: March 17, 2012 2:31pm

    gr8 r us thanks sony

  2. Anonymous wrote: March 17, 2012 3:06pm

    Sony makes everything better. Sony is the best company ever!

  3. Anonymous wrote: April 7, 2012 10:06pm

    Generally I do check the green labels, but with a pinch of salt as I know many of the calmis are greenwash’ and fairly meaningless.If it’s an electrical item then I do check the label carefully every time and it’s usually the first thing I would want to consider when buying white goods. An item that uses less power costs me less to use and is actually worth paying a little bit more for. If the electrical item is very efficient, but much more expensive, I may decide to go for one that is less efficient, but would never buy a fridge, washing machine, etc that had a poor energy rating. I also like to buy brands that have a reputation for lasting a long time, but this is becoming increasingly difficult as everything seems to break just after the guarantee runs out.


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