What is Sony Entertainment Network and Why Should you Care

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Do you stream or download music and movies to your Sony® TV, Tablet, VAIO® PC, Walkman® media player or PlayStation®3 system?  If your dream is to live the “connected life” with the content you want at your fingertips, Sony Entertainment Network  wants to make this experience even better by giving you access to more of the movies you’re dying to see, the music you love to hear, great gaming and more.

“The idea here is to bring together all of your media, all your entertainment under a unified approach” says Tim Schaaff, president of Sony Network Entertainment, during a conversation with The Next Web adding, “Consumers will get an easy to access total entertainment experience across many Sony and non-Sony devices.”

Here’s a quick breakdown: Sony Entertainment Network services consists of four areas; a cloud based service called Music Unlimited, an on demand video service called Video Unlimited, a growing list of PlayStation gaming options on PlayStation Network and a personal photo and video sharing service called PlayMemories.  It’s all designed to be simple to use and accessible through a single account and electronic wallet.

As the buzz around Sony Entertainment Network especially Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited grows we’ve noticed many of you want to know more so we collected the top questions we’ve seen from Facebook®, Twitter™, and Google+ then took them to the experts at Sony Entertainment Network to get you answers. If what you’re wondering didn’t get answered here, make sure to leave it in the comments below.

What is the Video Unlimited service?

The Video Unlimited service is a premium digital video service that gives you easy access to over 80,000 blockbuster movies and hit TV episodes through a wide variety of connected devices both at home and on the go.

What is the Music Unlimited service?

The Music Unlimited service is a global cloud-based, digital streaming music service for music lovers to access a global catalog of over 15 million songs on a wide variety of connected devices, both in-home and on the go.

What are subscription types and features?

For now, the Video Unlimited service is an a la carte service, which means you can purchase or rent individual movies or episodes from a wide variety of first run and catalog movies and hit TV shows.

Music Unlimited service has two levels of subscriptions, Basic for $3.99 and Premium for $9.99. Both give you access to a global catalog of millions of songs, dozens of personalized, ad-free music channels on a variety of home entertainment and mobile device. You can scan and match your existing music files and playlists on your PC to the service for playback on compatible devices at any time. The service will play songs tailored to your taste by incorporating your likes and dislikes as well as analyzing your scanned music. Premium account users can also create and manage playlists and access a number of premium channels. You can see a full list of what is available for each plan and check out the 30-day free trial here.*

Will the Video Unlimited service ever turn into a streaming product like Netflix?

Good news:  the Video Unlimited service is already a streaming service on connected BRAVIA® televisionsSony Internet TVSony Blu-ray Disc™players, and the Sony Streaming player.  For now it is a download- only service on PS3™ systemsPSP devicesSony Xperia™ smartphones, PCs and Sony Tablet™ devices.  Keep in mind, movies purchased through the Video Unlimited service on the Sony Tablet S cannot be downloaded to the SD card and played back on other devices.

The Music Unlimited service is currently on Sony Tablet™ S as well as other Android™ tablet products and Android-based mobile handsets as well as PS3 systems, connected BRAVIA televisions, Sony Internet TV, Sony Blu-ray Disc players, the Sony Streaming player, Walkman devices, and PCs.  Since it is cloud based, your Music Unlimited library, playlists, and channels are shared across all of these devices so you can listen to your music anytime, anywhere.

What devices can I use to connect to Sony Entertainment Network?

Here’s a quick list of all the types of devices you can use to connect to Sony Entertainment Network for music and movies and don’t forget to check out the free trial of Music Unlimited.*

Music Unlimited:


  • Connected BRAVIA televisions (2010, 2011, and future models)
  • Connected Sony Blu-ray Disc players
  • Connected Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems
  • Sony Streaming Player
  • VAIO and other PCs
  • PS3 systems
  • PSP devices
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Android-based Sony and third party mobile devices including handsets and tablets including Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P
  • Sony Internet TV (U.S. only)

Video Unlimited:

  • Connected BRAVIA televisions (2010, 2011, and future models)
  • Connected Sony Blu-ray Disc players
  • Connected Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Systems
  • Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P
  • Sony Streaming Player
  • 2011 Model Xperia smartphones
  • PC’s (through Media Go)
  • PlayStation®3s
  • PSP
  • PS Vita
  • Sony Internet TVs

Will Sony Entertainment Network be available in my country soon?

We know our global fans want to know when the Sony Entertainment Network will come to their country. Sony Entertainment Network will continue to secure regional support around the globe and will announce several new countries during 2012.  The newly launched Sony Entertainment Network Blog is your source for all content and device updates, as well as the most recent list of the growing number of places you can get the service.  So head on over and tell ‘em we sent you, and if you have any more questions related to Sony Entertainment Network, leave it in the comments below!

*See full terms and conditions at http://sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/free-music-trial



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