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PlayStation® Vita Launches at Midnight at 6 Sony Stores

by Reena 02/13/2012

Allow me to introduce our newest blog author Justin Vellucci! Justin writes for and manages the Web portal for Sony Direct, the Sony Electronics’ retail division. When he’s not writing about Sony, he can be found making and writing about underground music.

PlayStation® Vita is spiraling stateside at lightning speed. Ready to grab it? Consider this, then, a midnight snack. Snack?! More like a feast.

We’re opening Sony Store’s Manhattan flagship at midnight February 15th;  a full week before PS Vita’s street date and just a few hours after you’ve digested your Valentine’s Day meal (be honest: was it Ramen?). Get the cutting-edge handheld that’ll put other handheld gaming devices to shame. Just a note though; only the First Edition Bundle will be sold at this midnight launch event.

Be one of the first in line outside 550 Madison Ave. and you also could score some free swag. Just sayin’, is all.

Then, there’s the big street date, the unveiling, the whole shebang! At midnight February 22nd, we’ll start selling PS Vita systems like mad at Sony Stores in six U.S. cities, from the streets of the Big Apple to the heart of Silicon Valley:

Get in line and get in line early. Once the product’s gone, the game’s over.

Want to be part of the conversation? RSVP at Sony’s Facebook® page, check in with Foursquare and/or tweet on Twitter to your heart’s content. You know you want people to know you’re where the action is at.


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