Tips & Tricks: Get organized with Evernote on your Sony Devices

by Team Sony 02/25/2012, in Categories For Records, VAIO

You know that saying, an elephant never forgets. There are times we all wish we had the memory of an elephant, especially when it comes to staying organized and getting things done. With the number of blogs, social networks and email we look at daily, not to mention the number of devices we use to connect, it’s a lot of work to keep from being a scattered mess.

Enter Evernote.  An elephant is a fitting mascot for this cloud based organization tool because it is a single place to remember all kinds of things like notes, updates from Twitter, photos, emails, PDFs and more. The best part is that it syncs with a number of different devices. Evernote VP of Marketing, Andrew Sinkov says Evernote’s vision is to create a powerful tool to help you remember all parts of your life, to make it easier to capture info on any device and then find it. “We’re always looking for ways to save and recall things that inspire us” he says,  “Maybe you captured something on your desktop, but you might want to remember it somewhere else, like on your TV. With Evernote there are no limits to how and where you can find your memories.” And that’s the beauty of this tool. You can take note of something while sitting at your computer and then when you’re on the go, use your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to refer to or contribute to that note.

Evernote’s goal is for “any lifestyle product with a screen on it to have Evernote,” says Sinkov. So how do your Sony devices fit in? The folks at Evernote admit that Sony is an ideal partner to make this a reality. That’s because of the sheer number of smart Sony products that allow you to use the tool. The software has come preinstalled on VAIOs since 2010 and for Sony Tablet, Android mobile phone and Sony Internet TV users you can access and install Evernote through the Android Market™.


Sony fan Rose says she shares Evernote with her whole family to collaborate on things like shopping and to do lists. “We have it on all our devices including the Sony Google TV (Sony Internet TV), Sony Tablet S, our phones and PCs. We love all the ways we can get to it anywhere.” Flexibility makes it an easy for the whole family to use. “Our son can open it up on the TV and add things to the grocery list that I can then look at on my phone.” They recently used Evernote to plan sightseeing for a family visit. “Every time we saw a commercial for something fun for the trip, we popped over to the Evernote app on the Google TV and added it to the notebook.”

Writer and Sony Tablet™ S user, Del Williams used Evernote for a writing assignment highlighting new artists at two museums in Los Angeles. “I was looking at different pieces and wanted to remember artists.” Del took out her tablet used the camera on it to take a photo into a notebook then typed in all the essential info right next to the image.  “I took 100 pictures that day then put in artists names. It was so nice and organized,” she said. “Normally I would write things down in a notebook but that never works! It’s so easy to get confused and you need to have it right.” Del has tried a number of tools to stay organized but said she likes Evernote the most because of the single sign- in and efficient interface.

So how do you get started using Evernote? Here are some simple steps:

  • Get Evernote on all of your computers, phones and Sony Internet TV by signing up for the free app which can be found in Android Market™. VAIO® owners: See if the software is already loaded on your machine.
  • Also, you can install a Web Clipper into your web browser
  • Click New Note and type in the idea or task.
  • Use Evernote on your phone to snap a photo of a whiteboard, business card, or wine label. Evernote automatically makes text in your snapshots searchable!
  • Take notes, save images, create to-dos, view PDFs, and more
  • Access your Evernote notes from any computer or smartphone you use
  • Search and find everything, even printed or handwritten text in images
How are you using Evernote to get your work or home life more organized? Are there other apps you like on your smart products? Let us know if there are apps you’d like to see featured here on the Sony Blog.
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