Sony's VAIO® F Series Laptop Goes Steampunk (Video)

by Reena 01/04/2012, in VAIO

SGNL by Sony loves to explore how technology fits into different subcultures and lifestyles. For our latest segment, we got the makers’ spirit and gave our VAIO® F Series a steampunk makeover.

What is steampunk you ask? Steampunk is an art style and a subculture that is a blend of old and new, as if the Industrial Revolution and the computer age happened at the same time. It has both Victorian and industrial aesthetics and focuses on detailed craftsmanship. Steampunk started as a literary genre and has become a full-fledged art movement.

To give our VAIO® F Series a true steampunk makeover, we called in an expert. John “Wilhem” Dunn has been steampunking gadgets for the last few years. An aerospace engineer by trade, Dunn has always been fascinated by machines.

Watch the video below to see how it was done:


For our VAIO® F Series, Dunn created a custom design he calls the eCog Mercury™. The initial sketches took over two weeks just to design before a single gear attached or copper detail was soldered. The VAIO® F laptop’s 16’’ size and flat surfaces made it much easier to customize. Several different types of wood were used along with more industrial materials like brass and copper. Dunn was especially interested in utilizing the VAIO® F Series’ backlit keyboard to create an illuminated typewriter keyboard. A combination of tiny brass washers and translucent paper created the desired effect perfectly.

The gear and copper covered laptop cover was custom built to fit over the bezel snuggly, without having to use an adhesive to attach it to the top of the computer.


Below the functioning hinges, Dunn built a trap door just in case it ever needed to be removed for service. The end result was a true work of art that actually works*!

* Modification of your VAIO® PC will void your standard limited warranty

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