Angry Birds in Holiday Lights? Yes & We Show You How To Snap Them (Video)

by Gina 12/19/2011, in SGNL

This time of year, holiday lights glimmer on just about every corner but in the last few years, massive holiday light shows have made their way onto YouTube™. One legend of home holiday light shows is Rick Turner, made known by his Guitar Hero light display online topping over 2 million views on YouTube. Yes – you could really play the game and watch your own light display on his home. Since then Rick has lent his lighting skills for more holiday light shows and even Halloween shows.

His latest creation (and a personal favorite of mine) is this year’s 2011 “Angry Birds Christmas Light Game” and interactive light show with controller and all. Our SGNL by Sony team had an opportunity to meet Rick and chat with him about his passion for light shows and the effort that goes into making something we all get to enjoy. And in the spirit of the game, we teach you how to snap away at your own local light shows using a point and shoot camera. With easy settings you can make sure that your memory is captured.

A special thanks to Rick for both his time on our show and all the time he spends in letting us enjoy his shows. And with that, here’s our SGNL video…And for the full light show video, go here.

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