15 College Bloggers tell us how they got Charged and Ready for College

by Team Sony 08/16/2011, in Categories For Records, VAIO

In a few weeks a mass migration will take place as a new crop of kids gets geared up for college. Sony teamed up with Microsoft to put new VAIO® S series laptops in the hands of 15 college bloggers and asked them to complete a summer homework assignment. The challenge: For up to 15 hours, they would put the VAIO S laptop with the optional sheet battery attached to the test doing whatever it is that college students do without plugging it in to a power outlet. That’s right, with the sheet battery attached, we asked the bloggers to avoid searching for power sources and instead call on the power of the added sheet battery the entire day. How did they do? As you can see, some veered from the homework assignment but each has a valuable point of view from an unboxing to a photo tour and music playlist to help document the day.

Everyone loves a good unboxing video so to kick off this post we wanted to share this one from the folks at College Grotto.

Many students will travel far from home to get to their college campus. Brett from College Cures took the VAIO SB series on the road for a cross country adventure. See how the VAIO laptop helped contribute to an awesome trip, even with a 3 hour airport delay.

Doug from Cheap Scholar documented his 15 hour day with a photo show and music play list. If you’re a Dave Matthews fan, you don’t want to miss this one.  You can also look for a “day in the life” from Parent’s College Countdown.

Alex from the University of South Carolina points out how awesome it is to live “in a world free of tangled power cords and low batteries”. Yes, there is nothing worse than getting wound up in a nest of wires and having to keep track of all those power cords.

Many of you spoke up when we shared the SGNL by Sony video comparison of the MacBook® Pro vs VAIO S Series. Take a look at these posts from Doug from the College Info GeekJeff at EdudemicHonest College and Her Campus for other points of view that put the two laptops head to head.

Check out Gear Diary’s 15 hour torture test. Blogger, Michael provides clear power plans and various operating conditions to squeeze out just over 15 hours of power.

Shep from Hack College title his blog “Insane battery life makes VAIO-s series great for students” Read his account that includes some thoughts on video and gaming use on the VAIO S Series.

For parents on the search for the right laptop for their college bound kid, here are seven things to look for when searching for the perfect computer for your college student from University Parent and a detailed review by the team at College Survival.

Finally, the Noell and Shanilla of Campus Splash do a nice walk through of the VAIO S Series via a video blog.  Ladies we love your vlog and forgive you for having the VAIO logo upside down the whole time. 😉

Now tell us your story. Are you off to college or sending a student away for higher education? How will you use your laptop computer and would it be able to keep up with a 15 hour day? If you’re a VAIO owner, send us a link to a photo of you and your laptop. And for those of you interested in checking out the VAIO S Series check out a bonus offer at Sony Store until September 17, 2011 to save money on the VAIO S and sheet battery.


* Estimates only based on Sony engineering testing with solid state drive (SSD) configuration.  Actual performance will vary based on configurable options, environmental conditions and usage.  Battery capacity decreases over time and use.


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