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(Video) Shuttle Launch Stills at 10 frames per second

by Gina 07/12/2011

Mission STS-135 set off for space last Friday where Space Shuttle Atlantis started on its last flight into space.

The San Diego Air and Space Museum is documenting this historic mission in a dramatically unique fashion and details the specifics of the space shuttle as well as the scientists and engineers who have built and maintained the fleet. In particular, the process of refurbishing and preparing each shuttle for each subsequent launch. Capturing the content in state the art fashions including 3D still and video imagery, the footage includes the launch and other shuttle procedures in a way that has never been documented to date and Sony is helping. Included in the equipment list are Sony camera models Sony α900, α55 DSLR Camera, Sony α33 DSLR Camera and α NEX-5 cameras.

In fact our very own El-Deane who you’ve seen on SGNL episodes worked with “The Last Shuttle Team”  at the Kennedy Space Center – Launch Pad 39A, to help set up the Sony equipment and take images and video including setting remote triggers (very cool). And it wasn’t just Sony attending the historic launch. We’re hearing some of our Sony customers were there like using thier Sony Handycam Camcorder to capture the launch.

One of the goodies El-Deane and “The Last Shuttle Team” brought back was this amazing capture of the shuttle. This was shot on the a55 DSLR Camera at 10 frames per second. This is a series of stills put together as a movie file. Each frame is an individual 16.2 MP image. ( in HD, it’s 1920×1080 = 2.1 ). A special thanks to El-Deane and The Last Shuttle Team.

Additional photos from the launch:

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