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(VIDEO) Inside Look at the New α NEX-C3

by Gina 07/07/2011

Last month Sony announced a few new camera models to their line-up; one being the α NEX-C3 (now on pre-order). The α NEX-C3 has all of the same traditional features as the α NEX-3 and α NEX-5 such as a DSLR sized sensor, interchangeable lenses and ability to record HD video though this new model is slightly smaller and lighter with a new sensor and new processor. The α NEX-C3′s interface is what’s most unique. Its new “photo creativity” area  turns techie photography terms like “exposure” into simple ones like “brightness”. You can adjust those settings up and down. To put it to the test, the SGNL team took a trip to a national park to compare photos taken by a more advanced DSLR user (host Anthony) using his α NEX-3  and a point and shoot user  (host Samia) using the new α NEX-C3.

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