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iFixit CEO and SGNL Take Apart a 3D Bloggie® HD Camera (Video)

by Gina 06/10/2011

The 3D Bloggie® HD Camera started shipping last month and we thought what a better way to celebrate that then a tear down? And who better to help us than the internet guru on taking apart gadgets (and honestly putting them back together),’s CEO Kyle Wiens. Accompanied by our newest SGNL host, Samia, Kyle walks us through the inner guts of the 3D Bloggie® and what they do. I was shocked that everything which actually creates the 3D video is housed in only a small portion of the camera. The rest housing the battery.

For those who love to geek out, this is really the video for you. Take a look and be sure to let us know what else you’d like to see taken apart. You never know. We just may feature that on SGNL. A special huge thanks to Kyle again for helping us tear down the 3D Bloggie (mad tear down skillz) and for more info on the  Sony’s 3D Bloggie® HD Camera, check out the Sony website.

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  1. Kimberly Gauthier wrote: June 11, 2011 10:05am

    Wow! These videos always blow me away. First off, I wouldn’t even know how to open it (without watching) unless I just threw it on the ground a few times. And then what?

    I love these cameras. The ones that allow you to see yourself as you’re doing a self video are genius. Right now, I either have to do 5 takes with my video camera OR boot up my laptop and use my webcam.

    Great job!

    1. Gina wrote: June 13, 2011 10:43am

      Thanks Kimberly – super glad you like. What else would you like to see us take apart?

  2. Anonymous wrote: October 1, 2011 9:46pm

    Hi you guys are so kewl, especially the female team members. Anyways can you do a tear down of a sony 3D TV? with close up shots of connectors, cables & what to be careful of when tearing down. e.g theres some connectors that are small & hidden & can be ripped off by accident. Im talking from personal experience. I’ll try to upload photos sometime to explain.


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