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Sony & Pogoplug Make Sharing AVCHD™ Files Easy

by Gina 05/04/2011

The term “cloud computing” is quickly becoming part of the everyday lexicon but for many people the definition of cloud computing is still well…a little cloudy.

So here is the basic definition. It’s when your data doesn’t reside on your local computer but you can use it like it was on your local computer. Leveraging the world of cloud computing gives you an easy way to share files or stream video throughout your home network and to your friends & family privately; a nice alternative to posting on Facebook® or YouTube™.

Enter Pogoplug. They provide software & devices that create your own personal “cloud” without subscription fees or size limits. Now enter Sony. We partnered with Pogoplug to help ensure compatibility with the latest HD video formats. Their newest gadget, Pogoplug Video, is optimized to work with Sony’s AVCHD camera products (like Handycam® Camcorders) to make AVCHD files streamable. For many taking AVCHD files and converting them to a format anyone can view can be a little tricky. This takes the work out of it.

To learn a little more about the partnership, where to buy and how Pogoplug works with Sony products, check out our SGNL by Sony video or visit the website.

**A Special Message From Pogoplug*****

Dear Pogoplug Video User,

Cloud Engines, Inc. is recalling all Pogoplug Video units (Pogo-P11, Pogo-P12, Pogo-P13, and Pogo-P14) that it has distributed.  We have received reliable reports that units have overheated, with flames possibly issuing from the unit in at least one instance.  We do not know whether this condition affects some or all units and therefore are seeking the immediate return of all units in distributor and retailer inventory and from consumers.  Please safely eject your hard drives and unplug your unit immediately.  Note that this recall does not affect any other Pogoplug products, including Pogoplug, Pogoplug Pro, or Pogoplug Biz.  For more detail, please see:

For those of you who purchased Pogoplug Video, please collect your proof of purchase and device.  We will be in touch shortly regarding the return process.  Please address any questions to

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this recall may cause you, and want you to know that we are committed to delivering safe, reliable and compelling products.  Thank you for your support and patience.


The Pogoplug Team




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