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10 Food Blogging Tips from the “Sony Foodies”

by Team Sony 05/17/2011

Veni, vidi, edi. I came, I saw, I ate – and then shared the experience with everyone. Food blogging: It’s an undeniable trend as more and more people are writing about what they are about to eat, are eating and just ate – online.

A recent article on discusses how popular Tweeting on Twitter™, blogging and uploading photos of food has become, but many of us just want to know how to be best food blogger possible.

Last month we invited a small group of food bloggers to spend the day with us at Sony Electronics HQ and we gave them a preview model of the new Sony WX9 Cyber-shot® camera. Outside of some great technologies including iSweep Panorama mode, 3D image capture and full HD video capability, it has a unique feature called “Gourmet Mode”, making it the perfect tool for food-shooting. Here’s my video blog of the reaction of our food bloggers to the WX9.


So what makes a good food blogger?  Good technology helps! But beyond the right camera, here are some techniques and tips that our group of food bloggers aka “Sony Foodies” shared.

Focus on themes. Sean and Paul of say that narrowing the focus of what you write about can help you connect with and grow your audience. “Punk Domestics focuses on the DIY community,” said Sean. He’s the main voice on the site, which specializes in the art of making preserved foods like jams, jellies, curried meat and more. One of the current projects on the site is a photo series that will use the WX9 Cyber-shot to capture the gradual transformation of two 12-pound boar legs into prosciutto.

Take lots of pictures: Shauna from is a food-crawl queen who organizes groups of people online to meet and experience a variety of places and foods. “Get really up close with your food to get all the lovely detail,” she advised. Shauna’s two favorite features on the WX9: Gourmet mode and Background Defocus. “Use the background defocus mode because it will help you keep the emphasis on the food!”

Turn off your flash in restaurants and improvise with props: “People go into a restaurant and they leave their flash on. That not only disturbs other diners but you end up with a really flat looking photo because the lighting blows out all the details –you get really harsh looking shadows in the background,” shared Marc Matsumoto, a pro food photographer and contributor to Marc has a second tip for shooting in restaurants: “When it’s low light, you need longer exposure times, so use something on the table to give you some stability.” Marc says it can be as simple resting your hands on the top of a wine glass to minimize any unnecessary movement. You can find more of Marc’s tips in a video he did for SGNL by Sony.

Turn your passions into blog posts: Katie from takes pictures of food and wine labels to remember good parings. “Blog about something you really really like, she says. Travel and experiencing good food and wine was part of what she and husband Ricardo, co-author of the blog, already did for fun, so they turned it into a blog. Now they get invited to exotic locations on a regular basis. Katie’s two favorite modes on the WX9: The self-timer with face recognition which allows her and Ricardo to pose for photos together.

Use Tags: Include a hashtag in your Tweet on Twitter or blog post. It associates your post with other posts or Tweets talking about the same thing. “It’s a great way to find others talking about the same thing”  notes Amy Cao of Foodspotting. Our group of food bloggers used #sonyfoodie on Twitter and also created a Flickr® group to share the photos taken with their new WX9.

Don’t be shy: Jessica of blogs about hiking, camping, all things outdoorsy and food. “I spend a lot of time researching restaurants (and menus),” she said. Jessica was invited to the Sony Food Blogger event after sharing a link to her blog with some amazing food photos shot with her Sony a700 DSLR on the Sony Electronics Facebook page. We couldn’t help but reach out to her awesome comment and beautiful work. If you spend time taking amazing photos of food, she advises to share them if you want to get noticed!

Connect with other food bloggers in your city. Get to know people in real life, especially those who share your passion for food blogging says, blogger, Allison. “It’s so easy and quick to connect with people you may not have met otherwise,” she said. “Find and follow other food bloggers you enjoy. You really have an opportunity to celebrate what other people have done.” Sharing articles, tips and content you admire via “judicious” re-Tweeting on Twitter goes a long way.

Be disciplined: Be consistent, says Emily Cavalier, founder of “Pick a day of the week when you’re going to post so your audience knows when to expect to hear from you. Also, make time to also interact with the people who are reading what you’re putting out there, because it’s really your fans that make you popular,” she said. Use comments, Twitter or even a good old fashioned email!

So, are you ready to start food blogging? Well, each of the food bloggers that came to the Sony Foodie event not only received a new WX9 Cyber-shot camera, but they also got one to give to one of their lucky readers. Over the next few weeks go to any of the blogs listed here to find out the details for their giveaway. As you can see from the Sony Foodie video, we had a delicious day and we’re looking forward to seeing more photos from you! Remember, share your food photos!,,,, and

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  1. Sukhraj Beasla wrote: May 30, 2011 7:31pm

    Great blog post Sukhjit! Very helpful tips. Will there be another Sony foodie event? I love that the camera has a gourmet mode. :)

    1. Sukhjit wrote: June 8, 2011 10:49am

      Thanks Sukhraj! Great to see you here on this blog! Thank you for leaving a comment. You know most of our Sony Foodie bloggers are doing giveaways on their sites for this camera… you could win one! :) How is your food blogging coming along? I’ve been enjoying the updates I see on Facebook. I think I need to join you for some of that fun eating in OC.

  2. Kimberly Gauthier wrote: June 7, 2011 10:53am

    What a fantastic post. Thank you! And what a great idea for a product. I bring my Alpha 550 everywhere and people have gotten used to me taking pictures of my dinner before digging in.

    But my quandry is that I have to get home, upload the images, edit them, then save them to my blog (which is just a photography blog, not a foodie blog). It would be wonderful if I could Tweet directly from the table.

    I can’t wait to tell my readers about this product!

    1. Sukhjit wrote: June 8, 2011 10:42am

      I hear you 100% Kimberly! I actually have to warn friends when out for a meal that I have a small ritual that I go through which includes capturing an image of my food before I can put it in my belly :). Your point about the instant upload is a good one, and with the availability of smart phones it’s much easier to tweet and update your food photos more real-time. You do sacrifice the quality of the shot for the quicker upload. For some people that’s not a big deal, but for others – the desire to have a well composed, clear and beautiful shot is important. That’s still best done with a camera like the WX-9 or a dslr, like the alpha series. I do have to mentions since I joined Foodspotting, I up’ed my food photography game. The community there posts such quality shots, I want my pictures to represent just as well.

      Thanks for the great conversations today Kim!

  3. Anonymous wrote: June 10, 2011 4:47pm

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  4. Anonymous wrote: October 2, 2011 4:08am

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