Project Shiphunt Team Announced

by Team Sony 05/19/2011, in Categories For Records, VAIO
Five science savvy high school students from Saginaw, Michigan are about to embark on a great adventure: Project Shiphunt. The students were selected in part because of their passion for science and technology and will get the once in a lifetime chance to work along with a team of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists and historians to search for shipwreck in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
The group will hunt for a Lake Huron shipwreck, try to learn more about the sunken ship’s identity and they will document it in 3-D using cutting edge computing technologies. Sony and Intel are joint sponsors of the project and have donated Sony VAIO laptops powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processors to the team. The team will use their VAIOs to collect and process the incredible amounts of data that will help them make a 3-D map of the lake floor and hopefully lead to the discovery of the ship.
Acclaimed NOAA nautical archeologist, Dr James Delgado will mentor the kids. You can follow the story at where you can learn more about the program, the kids and their progress in the quest to find sunken ship. Can they do it?!

If you haven’t yet make sure to try the Oceans of Treasure game on the Sony Electronics Facebook page. It’s a virtual search for you to be part of the adventure and also a chance to win your own Sony prizes.

NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

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