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Video of the a55 DSLR Taken Apart – Guts and All

by Gina 04/18/2011

You can hop on YouTube and do a quick “unboxing” search to find anything and everything unboxed. Eager owners delicately taking their new gadgets out of the box, describing everything – from smell to manuals.  And clearly the a55 has been unboxed online dozens of times. It was released last year and since then continues to receive props.

Since an unboxing vid been done, the SGNL team decided to do something a little different. We did a “deconstruction” and dove into the guts of the camera. It’s a fun glance to see what the insides of a translucent mirror DSLR looks like without having to take a hammer to your camera. With the help of El-Deane, a member from the Sony Camera Team, we go into every piece. If you love to geek out, then this is the video for you.

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