Announcing Project Shiphunt

by Team Sony 04/27/2011, in Categories For Records, VAIO

Today Sony and Intel announced an underwater adventure. Now, before you go grab your swim trunks, you should know this adventure, called Project Shiphunt, will happen both in real life and online. Like last year’s Rocket Project, a group of science-minded students paired with a mentor will have the chance to push their Sony VAIOs to the limit (with the help of powerful Intel® Core™ processors) and have a technology adventure, or what we like to think is a make.believe experience.

Project Shiphunt: The adventure

Project Shiphunt, a joint adventure between Sony and Intel, will empower a group of Michigan high school students to discover an historic sunken ship in The Great Lakes using Sony VAIO laptops powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Why the Great Lakes, you ask. Well, back in the day, the Great Lakes were an engine driving America’s early economy. Many ships used those waterways and unfortunately, a number of them never made it across to deliver their cargo. Today, the area is one of the hardest hit by the economy. Our hope is to inspire a group of kids to embrace science and technology with the ultimate product demonstration, discovering a sunken ship. Yes, we’ll get the chance to show you how powerful our technology is, but imagine as well, the power these students can feel when they accomplish their goal.

The project will start at NOAA’s Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena, Michigan where the students will learn skills to help them find and explore a shipwreck. Along the way, the students will have the chance to discover the vast, rich history of one of the world’s greatest waterways and learn how scientists document and preserve an irreplaceable site for future generations. The students will decide which shipwreck to search for and then put their VAIOs to work. A search for the students is currently underway and we will update you on the team once it’s assembled.

Oceans of Treasure: The game

Now, your turn to “virtually” hunt for shipwreck around the globe and win real treasure. In conjunction with Project Shiphunt, we’re introducing Oceans of Treasure, one of the first ever games created in Google Earth. The game on and gives you the chance to win real prizes without leaving your laptop. The game will equip players with Sony and Intel technology that will allow you to search and scan the depths of the ocean. Each week a new challenge will be revealed. Those who are successful at discovering the lost ship in the depths of the sea will have the chance to score one of multiple prizes. The game is live now, so if you’re ready for adventure, go play. And stay tuned here for news about Project Shiphunt.

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