VIDEO: New VAIO® S Series 13” Laptop w/ Core i7 & New Sheet Battery

by Gina 03/07/2011, in VAIO

So for folks who love speeds and feeds, hopefully today will start you off on a good week. Today, the new VAIO S 13” laptop rolled out in the U.S. Now you might be thinking “Wait. I saw an announcement already”. That was actually an announcement from our friends in Europe about their VAIO S model. In addition to all of the great features & capabilities of the previously announced European S, the U.S. version has the option to customize your system up to 2nd generation Ci7, 1GB hybrid graphics (rather than 512), and has Solid State drive available for increased performance (up to 256 GB SSD, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity less). SGNL by Sony got an exclusive close-up look at the new laptop.

Just under 1” thin and weighing about 3.8 lbs, it’s designed with the road warrior in mind. Students, people who travel a lot or even freelancers who might use coffee shops and cafes as office space.

I’ve seen the laptop personally and the casing really does look a little different from the VAIO laptops you’re used to seeing. Made with a magnesium casing, its light yet feels like you have military style durability. It also comes in white which I hear looks pretty insane with the magnesium casing. The touch pad is also quite different. Much larger than other VAIO laptops you might see in this size range, a plus for people (like me) who don’t carry a wireless mouse with them. Other features include a USB 3.0 port, optical drive (with Blu-ray® disc options) and compatibility with Intel® Wireless Display.

What is unique about this announcement is that its new accessory may actually show up the new computer. A rare occurrence.  The new VAIO S laptop launched with a brand new charging technology unique to Sony. This optional Extended Sheet Battery accessory (sold separately for about $150) is a sheet like component that connects it to your laptop for extra battery life without having to power down. The battery easily fits on the bottom of the laptop, basically doubling the PC’s battery life (under default settings). Attached, the extended battery charge will be used first, then the computer.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. Extended batteries tend to be that extra weight in my backpack that I know I need but hate packing. It’s the bulky component that I have to push aside as I’m digging for my phone or passport. This sheet battery basically clicks onto the computer and only adds about a pound to the total computer weight when attached. You really need to see it to belive it so do check out the SGNL video when you have time.

The VAIO S laptop goes on pre-sales today at Starting at price is $969.99. Feel free to post your questions and comments. We’re excited to hear your thoughts.


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