Your exclusive tour of the Sony Booth at CES

by Team Sony 01/07/2011, in SGNL

I’ve been told by many seasoned CES attendees that the Sony booth has consistently been one of the grandest  not-to-be-missed spaces at the show. This year is no different. I know a lot of you aren’t able to be at CES, so to make sure you didn’t miss the Sony CES experience our friends at SGNL by Sony created this video tour to highlight some of the gems. I like the giant 90 foot wide, high-definition 3D LED display at the Sony stage pieced together using hundreds of LED tiles as well as the section set up with the Sony professional 3D cameras used to film movies like the Green Hornet (I have a feeling that might have been Melody’s favorite too). We’ve even got Black Beauty, the car from the Green Hornet movie as part of the display.  In this video you’ll get to see these spots up close as well as some gems from the booth that even CES badge holders don’t get access to.

If you stopped by the Sony booth drop us a note in the comments below. What was your favorite part of the booth? Did you try the 3D head-mount display? Want to see more, visit our CES album on Flickr. I’ll be updating it daily with new pictures from the booth. Comment if you want to see more of  – I have cameras (right now I’m carrying the NEX-VG10 and alpha a33) and I’m happy to use them to share the booth with you!!

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