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Special Sony Holiday Gift Guide

by Gina 11/30/2010

Alright so we’re past Thanksgiving. Hopefully by now everyone has had a chance to take a breath. Family is gone, dishes are done and left-overs are on their last day out. It’s now time to get back to work where we can all recover and spend our paid hours doing some holiday shopping. I read that one survey reported over 70.1 million Americans plan to shop at work today. Um that’s more than half the workforce.

I have to admit. I’ve done it before. Each year I get that nervousness that my boss is around the corner. Hands trembling, I quickly check out envisioning that I’m a secret agent on a covert mission. To help us all be a little more efficient at work, the Sony Style team had some fun in helping shoppers find the perfect gift. Now yes, gift guides are everywhere and yes, this is a gift guide all about Sony® products – but if you’re in the market for gadgets this season, hopefully the guide will help you dig through the site as well as suggest some items you wouldn’t have considered. It might even help do some homework and research for you.

Our pals Melody and Anthony from SGNL covered it in the latest episode of SGNL by Sony. You can check out the video here as well as see what their favorite holiday Sony gadgets are.

I appreciated the flavor that Sony Style’s creative team took with a couple of features. First they made a mobile version which is nice. If I’m in a store considering Sony as an option (or even another brand), I can at least use this guide to find ideas and inspiration. I also liked the naughty/nice bar they added. Look, I love you mom but I just can’t spend $200 on you. I enjoyed having the ability to adjust to my comfort level in budget. And I do like that they took a different approach in categories. It’s not the “him” “her” “kids” titles you see. It’s grouped by interest and use case which helps me. But hey, you gatta judge for yourself and I always recommend checking our customer reviews on sites like CNet or

And for good holiday deals this season, we’re keeping tabs on all the Sony Style deals via Hopefully you’re (not) reading this at work.

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