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Sony Window Display Stops People In Their Tracks

by Gina 11/03/2010

I’m what you call a “window shopper”.  Like sirens, window displays sing their sweet song blindly driving me into the store to spend my grocery budget on the latest and greatest displayed. But for me, that’s because of the aesthetics of what I’m seeing. Window displays for electronics can be a little more tricky since seeing the device in the window may pique my interest, but ultimately I want to see a gadget in action before I buy (or at least watch an unboxing vid).

Enter the Sony Internet TV window display on 550 Madison Ave. Sony Style unveiled their display on October 16th in celebration of the newly released Sony Internet TV line of products which include TVs and a Blu-ray player featuring Google TV. In this window display, passersby can snag the Sony Internet TV remote, turn to the window and dive right into playing with Google TV on the device. Sony Ambassadors are also on hand outside (rain, sleek or sun) to answer any questions folks might have on the device. So far the display has stopped folks in their tracks. Wherever they were heading was quickly forgotten as they pulled up a Chrome browser right on Madison Avenue. You can see all about it in this nifty video.

So if I ever questioned whether or not I’d be more drawn in by a fantastic new ball gown that I have absolutely no place to wear it to or by a TV sitting in the window, I’ve been rightfully put in my place.  I’d proudly choose the later.

Check out some of these photos.

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