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by Gina 09/21/2010

Last week, quietly updated their PS3 pages to prominently feature PlayStation’s latest gamer gadget, PlayStation’s Move.

Officially available last Friday,’s “Move” site is a slight departure of what you’ve normally seen with the black background synonymous with the site. An indication of more to come? Perhaps but regardless there are some great new features to share:

After the fancy introduction, you have the option of selecting (3) buttons: Explore, Games and Learn.

Diving into explore, you can get detailed info about each component including the Motion Controller, PlayStation Eye Camera, PlayStation 3 and Navigation Controller. Click the small dots on each component and it reveals cool inside looks. For example, I clicked the sphere at the end of the Motion Controller and learned that it pairs with the PlayStation eye camera to pinpoint your position and motion within a room translating your every move into gameplay with absolute precision. Who knew?

As you dive into the next button, “Games”, a user is able to not only see the current games for MOVE but get details such as game photos and Move required components.

Then to me, the pièce de résistance is the “Learn” button. Here you can watch some great videos about Move to include a video from Kevin Butler and the Developer Dairies which chronicles their thoughts on the development & inspiration of the new gaming system.

Overall great. Highly interactive and a chance to really dive into Move and all it has to offer. Of course as our readers, it’s really about what you think. So please let us know your thoughts. What do you like and not like about our new page? We take your feedback to heart and look forward to learning what you think!

Thanks for playing :-)

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  1. Anonymous wrote: October 7, 2010 6:38am

    Dear Sony,
    I’m and thrilled you have made the Ps3 motion sensors. You are getting kids with Ps3’s active everywhere. It is very cool that you have made them I have the whole kit and everything for the Ps3 motion sensors and me and my family love it. It is such a great family bonding system and with the great games you can create for it the possibilities are endless. The design and functionality are perfect and awesome just a grade a system. I have played the WII and it isn’t even half as good as the Ps3 motion sensors.
    When I bought it, it was like owning a brand new system but making the Ps3 that much better. I just wish that the controllers and games weren’t so expensive. I know it is like a brand new system except it is just an edition to the ps3. Since it is so expensive I couldn’t even afford to buy any games for it. I only could afford the game that comes with the system and even though it is great. I still wish I could have options or different kinds of games.
    If you could send people discount cards so people can afford them that would be awesome. Maybe give people a 10 percent discount card on a controller. That way when people that by the system can afford a game or two with the left over money. Plus it might convince a couple of people that are short of the money to buy the Ps motion sensor a chance to afford it. But all in all the Ps3 motion sensors is a must by even though it is expensive.

  2. Anonymous wrote: November 4, 2011 5:43pm

    it,s very entertiment


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