‘Easy A” makes the grade with Sony’s VAIO PCs

by Team Sony 09/21/2010, in VAIO

It was about two summers ago that I was driving past Nordhoff High School in Ojai, Calif. when I noticed several movie production trucks in the parking lot. It struck me as being quite odd for a couple seconds, but then it dawned on me: Scenes from the new Sony Pictures’ movie “Easy A” were being shot there.

How did I know this, you ask? Am I psychic? Hardly.

My colleague Carla Crossan and I have the good fortune of overseeing Sony Electronics’ collaborative efforts with Sony Corp. on integrating all of Sony’s key products into our movies and television programming. Every week, a request comes to us for products; along with descriptions on how they will be used (according to the script); who will use them, where they’ll be used, etc.

We then suggest what product we feel would be the best fit based on the stated parameters. There are even times when we have to do modified versions of “show-and-tell” with our products with the movie executives.
It’s an interesting endeavor to say the least. It’s also cool to see the products our relatives, friends and neighbors use in real life on the big screen.

“Easy A,” which just opened last week to strong reviews, is no exception. It’s a high school satire that tackles about some big themes. Social media and online videos in particular have a prominent role, so naturally our VAIO notebooks and desktops do as well.

If you happen to catch the movie this week and see one of our VAIO PCs, please let us know about it. It’s never too soon to get some of that Oscar buzz started….

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