Backstage Quick Tip #83: Using Intel Wireless Display

by Team Sony 09/14/2010, in Categories For Records, VAIO

Editor’s Note: Backstage Technicians are here to help and in this ongoing series, they’ll offer me their favorite tips and provide answers to some of the most common service related questions they hear at both the call center and in Sony Style Stores.

I often find myself with something on my laptop that just has to be shared with whoever is in the room with me.  Be it photos from the weekend or a recent vacation, a hilarious video clip or an online show to a favorite song or playlist for a party – sometimes huddling around my laptop just won’t due.  But digging behind my HDTV every time I want to connect my laptop to a TV or home theater system can be time consuming and frustrating.  Because of that we recently started offering a simple solution on select VAIO PCs  – Intel Wireless Display.

Intel Wireless Display is extremely easy to setup and use and  allows you to wirelessly stream content from your laptop (both audio and video) to any display in your home or office.

What do you need?  A compatible VAIO PC and an Intel Wireless Display Adapter for your TV*.  That’s it!

Check out Sukhjit’s how-to video below for setup details and to see the technology in action.  And if you’re curious to know if you’re VAIO includes Intel Wireless Display technology, simply select Start and type “Intel Wireless Display”.  If the Intel program appears in the search results you’re in luck!  If you need more help uncovering whether your PC is compatible or how to set up the feature, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below.  If you have Intel Wireless Display let us know how  you use it.  What do you like most about it or what would you change?

P.S. Thanks to Conner VanderBeek and Zack Iscoff for the background music played in this video!  You can find more from them here.

*Intel Wireless Display requires the NETGEAR® PTV1000 Push2TV Wireless TV Adapter (sold separately) and TV with HDMI™ or Composite AV input.  Content requiring output protection (Blu-ray Disc and DVD movie playback) is not supported.  720p (max.) output.  Image quality may vary.

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