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by Gina 08/12/2010

Mad props to the Sony Ericsson team & AT&T for bringing the Xperia™ X10 to the US. This has been a long awaited launch here and I have to say I’m thrilled to finally reserve one at or by visiting your local Sony Style store.

This phone is really great for are people who are in the market for a smartphone or for people ready to ride the Android wave (no pun intended). It’s sleek, lightweight and has a special feature that I personally like but isn’t mentioned much. Real toggle buttons (the home, back, function keys). On days where I’m desperately multi-tasking, real buttons can be much easier to use than a touch screen version.

Okay so the real meat of the X10. It boasts a 4 inch touch display (measured diagonally), a 1 GHz processor and a GPS. Meaning it can basically run like a mini mobile computer.

It has an 8.1 megapixel camera built in which means it holds its own against some digital cameras currently in the market. The phone comes with a 2 GB in box microSD™  memory card but you can use up to a 32GB card. In fact, for a limited time, mobilephiles that reserve an X10 with Sony Style can snag a free 8 GB Sony microSD™ card with purchase. Fancy that.

It’s got built in wi-fi but because this is an AT&T phone, you can also get access to the AT&T hot spots around the country. Most popular locations being over coffee (wink wink). And with wi-fi you can post to Facebook, tweet from the phone, access your email, upload video to YouTube, etc.Having an Android™ OS from Google lets X10 owners take advantage of apps in Google’s Android Market™ so if there’s an app for it, you can do it. Additionally the phone comes pre-loaded with two signature apps exclusively from Sony Ericsson: Mediascape and Timescape™.

Mediascape takes all your media (photos, videos, music) from the many accounts you might have on the net (Facebook, Picasa, etc.) and centralizes the content for you. So let’s say you have some photos on your Facebook page but also on your Picasa page. You can browse, search and play without having to dive into each separate site or account. I especially like this feature b/c it’s hard enough to do that on a computer and now I can cruise one place for all my media vs. eight or nine. In a music example, if you’re listening to a song, you can press the Infinite button and it can pull info about the artist from your X10’s memory or even Google or YouTube.

Timescape™ is a utility based app for the ultimate multi-tasker. In daily life, you’re checking email, tweeting, posting to Facebook, sending a text, and the list goes on. With Timescape™ you no longer have to separately dive into each function. Your interactions are organized chronologically so whether it’s a tweet, email, or text, all of these messages to you show up chronologically in on one screen.

For jet setters or people who are planning an overseas trip, the X10 is a GSM phone which means it works in most areas outside the US. Though carriers of non-GSM phones offer solutions, it can sometimes mean heading to a store to switch out your phone for a loaner and then going back to return it.

Now for our HowardForum friends, I understand. This isn’t the geek grabber but although it doesn’t have the latest food released updates, it does already have many of the features out with Eclair and Froyo such as native EAS support, built-in speech to text, email folders, 2-way calendar sync, GAL, password # failed attempt, and local/remote device wipe. According to the Sony Ericsson website, you can expect an OS update in select global markets later this year.

If you’re interested in checking out the camera in person, Sony Style stores have the exclusive preview. You can reserve your phone either at a Sony Style store or on for about $130 (excl tax) with the purchase of an AT&T two-year service agreement and minimum smartphone data plan. That’s a great price on the scale of smartphones. Don’t worry if you’re eligible for an upgrade, this applies to you too. For a limited time, Sony Style reservations also get the free Sony 8GB microSD memory card with purchase so that’s the source code scoop. You can check out the press release for all the information including any restrictions that may apply.

What are your thoughts on the X10? If you have a chance to check one out, let us know what you think!

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  1. Anonymous wrote: August 13, 2010 3:08pm

    I love Sony product for their style,sophistication ect.

    My motto is ” Who Can ? Sony can !!!!!

    A Fan of Fantastic.

    A. M.

    1. Gina wrote: August 14, 2010 3:44pm

      Hi A.M. I love the creative comment and thanks for the shout out! It’s great to hear from fans like you. Keeps us writing & I always share feedback (the good and the constructive) with the product teams so will be sure to pass this one along too! :-)

      Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous wrote: August 13, 2010 5:17pm

    how much is an unlocked X10? or at least what is the price without a contract?

    1. Gina wrote: August 15, 2010 6:42pm

      Hi Guest, without the contract about $499.99 (excl tax) great question!

  3. Anonymous wrote: August 15, 2010 6:30pm

    Hi. I bought my phone today in AT&T store, they only had one piece in stock. Love it!!! Go get yours

    1. Gina wrote: August 15, 2010 6:43pm

      congrats!!! Thanks for sharing and I am so jealous!

      Yes – pre-sale is now over and now everyone can pick up an X10 on or at Sony Style stores. I can’t wait to get mine!!!


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