What’s Your E Color Combo?

by Gina 07/09/2010, in Categories For Records, VAIO

Over the centuries, fashion has lent itself as a means for style however one could argue that in the 21st century; perhaps technology has become the dominant means for personal expression? With this newer trend comes the complexity of selection. Now instead of a one-color computer option, we have many. And for online shoppers, I know first hand the devastation when you’ve invested money in a color combo that “looked right in your head” but in reality, it didn’t quite work.

Now, we’ve got a new tool that let’s you pick your passion by trying your designs before you buy. Our new VAIO E Color Combo site lets you virtually view the color options for not only your VAIO E notebook but the mouse, keyboard skin and sleeve. You can see all four items together and mix and match until your heart’s content. Here’s a peak


The Main Attraction: You can start with finding the right color VAIO E notebook you’d like. As you select the colors, you can undercover the expression behind your selection. For example, the white notebook which is seen as “smooth and sophisticated”.

What your mouse says about you: Eight color options are offered for the mouse cover and by scrolling over you not only see what each color symbolizes; the transitions between selections mirror the personality. While I’d personally pick white, I liked the transition of the orange mouse the best.

A Different  Keyboard Skin Monday through Friday: The keyboard skin selection is addicting. I’ve had my eye on the white VAIO E with blue keyboard skin but after playing with the tool, I’m seriously considering green instead. And for VAIO E fans, until July 17th, you can get a free keyboard skin with a purchase of  a customized built VAIO EB, EA or EC series laptop. Details are here.

See the Sleeve Selection: Designed by our very own Sony Style VAIO team (who come from some very well known fashion brands), these sleeves are reversible so you have more than one look.  I personally like pink so I can easily spot it in my huge bag.

So what’s your color combo? I’m talking notebook, keyboard skin, mouse cover and sleeve. Take a look at what selecting these colors uncover about your personality and passion. I’ve got 25 sleeves like the ones you saw in the tool ( designed to fit notebooks with an LCD size of 15.5″ (diag.) and under) so the first 25 people to post a comment in this post with their entire VAIO E series color combo (notebook color, keyboard skin, mouse cover & sleeve) will get a sleeve sent their way! Be sure that when you post your comment, you enter your real email address in the email field below (not in the comment area). Without a valid email address in that field, I won’t be able to reach you!

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