Summer VAIO Signature Collection Debuted

by Gina 06/23/2010, in Categories For Records, VAIO

The new Summer 2010 VAIO® Signature Collection made its debut this morning.

Ten models complete this season’s line and like the previous Spring Collection, it includes both laptops and a desktop.

New to the Signature family is the EA Signature models impressively out the gate with a unique Arabesque design. Starting at $919.00, its raised fanciful patterns feel similar to the touch as a luxurious wall mosaic. My favorite is the black Arabesque design as it is a clever way to combine an antique-like pattern with a contemporary glossy black.


A pink and gold Arabesque model is also offered. The Signature VAIO EA laptops are all customized models (and all come with the ATI graphics card option).

The Signature VAIO F laptop definitely lives up to the superior computing performance known to Signature Collection models and is a nice computer for photo enthusiast. This is the only VAIO F that includes the new VAIO TransferJet™ technology and also comes with premium specs such as a Full HD display, 1GB gfx, BDRW, 640GB, 8GB, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

The VAIO Z laptop makes two appearances in the collection this season and talk about gadget envy. The Carbon Fiber VAIO Z computer comes with an Intel ®Core™ I7-620M (2.66Hz) processor, Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-bit, a 13.1” Full HD LED backlit display, a hybrid graphics card (1 GB VRAM), 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, a Blu-ray Disc™ player/burner, and Verizon Wireless with the new Share my Connection ™ technology that turns your PC into its own mobile hotspot for up to 5 PCs or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Following the spring season’s “Metal Mosaic” look, the new Metal Shield VAIO Z model takes it up a level. Its design features a hexagonal object with a triangular object inside, giving an illusion of a spinning motion. Inside, the model is loaded with some pretty high tech features which make this VAIO a great one for travelers. Integrated active noise cancelling technology and supplied headphones provide crystal-clear audio in noisy mobile scenarios without an adapter (yep, this comes with noise canceling headphones).A built-in biometric fingerprint scanner makes authentication and secure access quick, and this VAIO also comes with the option for the new Share my Connection ™ technology.

The X135 also makes an appearance on the Summer Signature Collection page. Offered in Glossy Premium Carbon Fiber ($1599.99) and Black ($1499.99), the VAIO X weighs 1.6 lbs (with standard battery) and also comes with an extended battery in the box to allow the owner up to 12 hours of battery life. Exclusive to this model, it also comes with a 128 GB solid state drive. Other specs include an Intel® Atom™ Processor Z550 (2.0 GHz), Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 11.1” LED backlit display and 2 GB RAM.


In Signature tradition, a new P series is introduced and is the highest configuration of the VAIO P series to date and weighs 1.3 lbs (with standard battery).  The P118 specs include an Intel® Processor (2.00GHz), Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 8″ LCD, 2GB RAM, 256GB solid state drive, Verizon Mobile Broadband Built-in, GPS, Bluetooth® technology and a webcam.

And to round out the season, a new VAIO J all-in-one touchscreen PC is offered. The J118 is $1549.99 and comes in a contemporary white color.

What you think the general design aesthetic of this line is? I take away a dashing, urban feel. Maybe I got that impression from the witty subtle background in the Signature showcase. Do you see it?

….More photos for everyone 🙂 A shout out to our 6/24 Guest commenter for asking!

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