Site Lets You Create Autographed Taylor Swift Photo

by Gina 05/03/2010
If you’ve been watching TV lately, you may have spotted Taylor Swift and our new Cyber-shot commercial.  It’s been a favorite among Taylor fans and as an ode to Taylor and her followers, the Sony Style web team and our pals Odopod, created a fun way to virtually interact with the Cyber-shot TX7’s low light feature.
When you’re taking pictures with low light, sometimes it’s not the time to use a flash. “Not the time” can mean you’re at a wedding and the bride will scratch you eyes out if a flash goes off during her moment. But it can also mean not wanting to wash out a scene. The TX7 lets you take sharper photos without a flash.

To prove it, this addicting little tool, lets you snap away while Taylor rocks out. You can turn the lights on and off, switch out her outfit, and even change out the background. Then click the mouse and your photo shoot begins.

When you’re done with your selection you can click your photos, enter your name on your fav, and then it’s yours. A photo you took signed by Taylor Swift. The “I <heart> and her signature is really her writing”. Pretty cool huh? It’s yours to download and post to Facebook. A fun avatar for sure.

Taylor takes you through the rest of the features on the site. From trying out Sweep Panorama Mode, taking HD videos and fast shooting. All through interactive tools that lets you play with it to believe it.
While we’re thrilled to have Taylor join us, the TX7 definitely stands on its own getting a 4.5 (out of 5) star rating by customers on You can read those reviews here or you can check out some test videos made by TX7 owners.
To start you Taylor Swift low light photo shoot with a Cyber-shot TX7, check out If you make one, be sure to come back and share.
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    How do you make it? Its not letting me. The link is wrong! Can u plz fix it? I want to make one so badly.

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    hey, just wondering if this camera on sale anywhere? i would really like it!

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    the site is wrong!!!!!!!!!!! where do you make it???


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