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by Team Sony 02/03/2010

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and it’s serious water cooler talk around here! On one side are the Indianapolis Colts with Sony spokesman Peyton Manning. On the other side are the New Orleans Saints who just purchased bloggie® cameras for the entire team to document their road to Super Bowl XLIV. 

We did a quick informal poll of Sony employees and executives to find out who is rooting for which team.  Here are some of the results: 


This just in–more Sony executives tell us their picks:
  • Who Dat!?  I’m rooting for NO – the team and the city.  And of course I like ‘Drew’.  He was a class act as a Charger when he was in SD. — Drew Martin, CIO, Sony Electronics
  • Saints win in a tough game. As a Patriots fan and I can’t route for our nemesis Colts.  Saints 34- Colts 31. – Jack Tretton, Playstation president and CEO
  • Colts – Peyton and the Colts offense will be too much for Saints to slow down – Peter Dille, Playstation SVP of Marketing 
  • Indy and our man Peyton all the way (since the Giants are out). Wasn’t Drew Brees the former Charger QB? (Just a hint) GO BIG BLUE, I mean GO Peyton.:) Mike Fasulo, CMO,  Sony Electronics
  • I have an autographed Peyton football and an autographed Brees helmet.  Hmmm…will go with the Saints and a side of jambalaya. — Mike Abary, SVP of Networked Technology and Services, Sony Electronics
  • Peyton and the Colts, despite very much wanting to attend the raucous party the Crescent City will be hosting this weekend.  –Ray Hartjen. Customer Experience, Sony Electronics
  • Although a Saints win would be the “feel good” story of the year, I have to go with Peyton and the more experienced Colts. Besides, Peyton helped us sell “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” — David Bishop, President,  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
  • Who Dat? Brees, Reggie, Colston, Katrina + the collective self-esteem of a city that refuses to quit = 2010 World Champions-Geaux Saints!!!! –Justin Allen, Retail Execution, Sony Electronics 
  • Four-time MVP — Manning!!!!!!!!!! –- Willy Tai, Sony Electronics 
  • Since the NFL won’t allow my beloved 49ers to win any more Super Bowls for a while (It’s all fixed), I’d have to pick the Colts in a close battle.  Peyton will lead a last-minute drive for the win. –- Stuart Redsun, SVP Corporate Marketing, Sony Electronics
  • It is going to be quarterback showdown Peyton Vs Drew.Since Chargers are not in the Super Bowl I am sticking with Mr.MVP and Colts. –-Manoj Kumar, Sony Electronics 
  • COLTS will definitely be riding away with another World Championship…Can’t stand the sight of another cowboy-less superbowl but oh well…GO AFC LOL –Moheni Moheni, Sony Electronics 
  • With a musical tradition as rich as New Orleans, not to mention the years of suffering their fans have endured, I have to go with the Saints. Who Dat?! — Adam Block, SVP Sony Music- Legacy Recordings

So what team will you cheer on and why? 


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  1. guest_user wrote: February 4, 2010 12:39pm

    I am going for the Saints, should be an excellent match up anyways
    Sanjay Maharaj – President & CEO Virtual LockBox

  2. guest_user wrote: February 4, 2010 1:58pm

    Who Dat?!! Who Dat?!! Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!! Who Dat?!! Been a Saints fan ALL my life. Still can’t believe they are in The Super Bowl. I love those guys!!

  3. Jude3 wrote: February 4, 2010 11:54pm

    N.O. Saints because I am from New Orleans. WHO DAT NATION. I’m hoping to see a Sony commercial during the Super Bowl!

  4. guest_user wrote: February 5, 2010 7:32pm

    There is no favorites out here in California. My pick is the COLTS. They earned their respects over these 4 years, and only one more game to cap Peyton Manning in the history book. votes on the COLTS.


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