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Sony Opens the House to Dealers, Analysts and the Press

by Team Sony 02/28/2010

In the excitement of new digital imaging product announcements, Justin Timberlake’s William Rast fashion shows and new dash app developments I didn’t get to update you on a couple important annual events that happened in February. Every year, Sony Electronics opens the doors for Sony retailers to come learn about the newest line of products after they’ve been announced at CES. It’s an event called Open House and this year a handful were held around the country, the last right here at Sony Electronics headquarters in San Diego. 

Over 500 dealers were welcomed in San Diego by a team of Sony product specialists, trainers and executives ready to explain, educate and give dealers a chance to test drive innovations like 3D TV, dash and Reader. In the video below you get a firsthand look at Open House in San Diego from Vice President of Consumer Sales at Sony Electronics, Michael Woulfe. 

While dealers tried out 3D glasses and discovered what makes Sony home entertainment devices a step above the rest, another annual event happened simultaneously upstairs. Industry analyst and members of the press were part of a roundtable with Sony executives. Similar to the discussions with dealers, reporters learned about new product segments like dash and 3D.  They were also briefed on strategies like make.believe. There was a healthy Q & A with Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer, Stan Glasgow and Mike Fasulo, Sony executive vice president and chief marketing officer. Greg Tarr from This Week In Consumer Electronics was in attendance and wrote a good recap of the day which you can read on






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