Sony Europe Shows Off New Bravia Monolithic Design In 6 Degrees

by Gina 02/22/2010

Six degrees of separation? Nope

Six degree of one loose-footed actor? Nope

We’re talking about the inventive 6 degree tilt of the new 2010 Bravia TVs featuring the Monolithic Design. Our designers found out that by tilting the screen back (in this case by 6 degrees); it’s creating a more comfortable and enjoyable way to watch your favorite TV entertainment. Although this is a pretty amazing design component a lot of buzz has been placed on the sleekness of the design and the general architecture of the TV.

To help provide a little context behind the 6 degree feature, our pals at Sony Europe created a very fun and inventive method of showing its benefits.I’d like to introduce to you “Live 6 Degrees”. Mr. Onderzug, is choosing to live leaning six degrees back. “Yes, I believe 6-degrees is the best way to look at the world. That is why in my opinion 6-degree television is a grand idea. I hope it will, even if indirectly, help advocate our cause. Whatever comes of it, I certainly enjoy watching television much more than before.”

 He has his own Facebook page (with over 7,000 followers across Europe) and have been posting a couple of videos on YouTube.

So what do you think? 

Is a fun and quirky way to enjoy a very cool feature of the new Monolithic design of select Bravia 2010 TVs. Plus it’s always entertaining to learn what folks across the ocean are up to…And if you’d like to see more (like a virtual tour), you can check out our Bravia page on Sony Style. It’s très magnifique!

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